Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices, car prices have been slashed, which is now within the reach of the poor. After launching the ‘Meri Gari Scheme‘ in the budget of 2023 the prices of 800cc to 1000cc vehicles are going down by about 10%. There are more than 8 companies whose vehicles are available in the market in Pakistan. All the vehicle prices are reduced from 100,000 to 200,000. Here is the complete list of all vehicle’s new prices after the budget 2023.

Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices in Pakistan

Here is the complete list of all vehicles’ new rates after the budget of 2023. If you are looking for the meri Gari scheme’s new rates then you are in the right place. Because there is a very much impact of budget 2023 on car prices in Pakistan. Proton has Reduced the Prices Of Saga & X70 which full details are given in the below-given table. If you want to buy any of the vehicles from meri Scheme then its forum will be uploaded soon here.

Proton Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023

After the new auto policy, the proton cars’ price is going down and now after Govt tax & Impact of Budget 2023, the new prices are updated. The price of X70 Premium FWD was 4,990,000 and after the impact of budget 2023, the new price is PKR 4,890,000. Rs.100,000 price is down on this car.

If we look at the SAGA M/T, A/T, or Ace cars then the price of these is dropped to only 50,000 per Car. The portion company has made more than 5 vehicles which have good marketing growth in Pakistan. Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices in Pakistan.

The Saga Ace car price in Pakistan is 2,175,000 after declaring the new prices in July 2023. A difference of Rs. 50,000 per vehicle was made by the govt of Pakistan. Its old price was 2,175,000 PKR.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
X70 Premium FWDPKR 4,990,000PKR 4,890,000PKR 100,000
X70 Execcutive AWDPKR 4,690,000PKR 4,590,000PKR 100,000
SAGA STD M/TPKR 1,975,000PKR 1,925,000PKR 50,000
SAGA STD A/TPKR 2,125,000PKR 2,075,000PKR 50,000
SAGA ACEPKR 2,225,000PKR 2,175,000PKR 50,000

Changan Car Prices 2023

After introducing the new policy of Pakistani budget 2023-2026 the new Car company in Pakistan has decreased car prices. Changan has made difference from 50,000 PKR to 101,000 PKR cars. Here is the complete list of Changan Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023.

Customs duty (ACD) is reduced from 7%-2% on CKD units for cars above 1000cc. 1000cc Cars will be 0%. On the all-electric car, rates will reduce from 10% to 25%. The ALVIN COMFORT M/T old price was 2,199,000 and Rs. 50,000 is reduced in the new budget of 2023-2026. The other car prices are mentioned below.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
ALSVIN COMFORT M/TPKR 2,199,000PKR 2,149,000PKR 50,000
ALSVIN COMFORT DCTPKR 2,499,000PKR 2,399,000PKR 50,000
ALSVIN LUMIERPKR 2,650,000PKR 2,589,000PKR 61,000
KARVAAN STANDARDPKR 1,590,000PKR 1,399,000PKR 91,000
KARVAAN PLUSPKR 1,640,000PKR1,539,000PKR 101,000

Honda Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023

Honda has reduced the car rates in the new policy of 2023-2026. The new car price of HONDA CIVIC 1.5 RS TURBO is decreased by about Rs. 1,35000 PKR and the new price is Rs. 4,564,000 PKR. The Honda BR-V model BR-V i-VTEC S A/T’s old price was 3,479,000 and after the budget of 2023-26, the new price will be 3,374,000 PKR. Other car prices are listed below.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
HONDA CIVIC 1.5 RS TURBOPKR 4,699,000PKR 4,564,000PKR 1,35000
Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVTPKR 3,729,000PKR 3,614,000PKR 115,000
Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT PKR 3,979,000PKR 3,864,300PKR 115,000
BR-V i-VTEC S A/TPKR 3,479,000PKR 3,374,000PKR 105,000

Hyundai Car Prices 2023

After most auto companies like Toyota, Suzuki, Kia, and others Hyundai has decreased the car rates from 120,000 to 150,000 PKR. Now, the Hyundai Tucson and Elantra have taken down their prices which are given below. TUCSON GLS SPORT FWD’s new price in Pakistan is 4,979,000 after reducing the price of this vehicle. Its old price was Rs. 5,099,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
TUCSON GLS SPORT FWDPKR 5,099,000PKR 4,979,000PKR 120,000
TUCSON ULTIMATE AWDPKR 5,599,000PKR 5,469,000PKR 130,000
ELANTRA 2.0L PKR 4,049,000PKR 3,899,000PKR 150,000

TUCSON ULTIMATE AWD’s new price in Pakistan is 5,469,000 after reducing the price of this vehicle. Its old price was Rs. 5,599,000. The difference was 120,000 PKR down from this vehicle. Similar to this the vehicle ELANTRA 2.0L price in Pakistan is 3,899,000 as the new price of July 2023.

Suzuki Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023

Suzuki is the most used vehicle in Pakistan and now in 2023, the prices of Suzuki cars are decreasing. You can check the latest prices of Suzuki Cars here. The Suzuki Alto VS car price is dropped from 1,198,000 to 1,113,000 PKR. VXL AGS rate was 1,633,000 and after changes, the rate’s new price is Rs. 1,521,000 PKR. Other vehicle prices are listed below.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
AKTO VXRs. 1,198,000Rs. 1,113,000Rs. 85,000
ALTO VXRRs. 1,433,000Rs.1,335,000Rs. 98,000
ALTO VXL AGSRs. 1,633,000Rs.1,521,000Rs. 112,000
BOLAN VXRs. 1,134,000Rs. 1,049,000Rs. 85,000
CULTUS VXRRs. 1,780,000Rs. 1,655,000Rs. 125,000
CULTUS VXLRs. 1,970,000Rs. 1,830,000Rs. 140,000
CULTUS AGSRs. 2,130,000Rs. 1,975,000Rs. 155,000
WAGON R VXRRs. 1,640,000Rs. 1,530,000Rs. 110,000
WAGON R VXLRs. 1,730,000Rs. 1,610,000Rs. 120,000
WAGON R AGSRs. 1,890,000Rs. 1,760,000Rs. 130,000
SWIFT DLX 1.3 M/TRs. 2,030,000Rs. 1,972,000Rs. 58,000
SWIFT DLX 1.3 A/TRs. 2,210,000Rs. 2,148,000Rs. 62,000

Toyota Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023

Toyota Yaris

Toyota is one of the most powerful vehicles all over the world. The prices in Pakistan of Toyota are decreased by about 1 Lac to 2 Lac by the model price. Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices These changes were made by the govt of Pakistan. When you go to buy the vehicles must see their prices from here.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
YARIS GLI M/T 1.3PKR 2,509,000PKR 2,409,000PKR 100,000
YARIS GLI CVT 1.3PKR 2,689,000PKR 2,589,000PKR 100,000
YARIS ATIV M/T 1.3PKR 2,619,000PKR 2,519,000PKR 100,000
YARIS ATIV CVT 1.3PKR 2,769,000PKR 2,669,000PKR 100,000
YARIS ATIV X M/T 1.5PKR 2,829,000PKR 2,719,000PKR 100,000
YARIS ATIV X CVT 1.5PKR 2,999,000PKR 2,899,000PKR 100,000

Toyota Corolla

In Toyota company, There are more than 5 models in Corrola and 3 models in Fortune 2023. The price of COROLLA 1.6 MT is changed from Rs. 3,219,000 to Rs.3,109,000. Rs. 110,000 are decreased from this vehicle. Now, the new price of COROLLA 1.6 AT is changed from 3,369,000 to 3,249,000. Also, the new price of COROLLA 1.8 CVTI is Rs. 3,579,000, ALTIS GRANDE 1.8 CVT price is Rs. 3,869,000 and 3,889,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
COROLLA 1.6 MTPKR 3,219,000PKR 3,109,000PKR 110,000
COROLLA 1.6 ATPKR 3,369,000PKR 3,249,000PKR 120,000
COROLLA 1.8 CVTIPKR 3,699,000PKR 3,579,000PKR 120,000
ALTIS GRANDE 1.8 CVT (Beige Interior)PKR 3,979,000PKR 3,869,000PKR 110,000
ALTIS GRANDE 1.8 CVT (Black Interior)PKR 3,999,000PKR 3,889,000PKR 110,000

Toyota Fortuner

Fortuner 2.7 G’s new price in Pakistan is Rs. 7,649,000. FORTUNER 2.7 VVTi price is 8,899,000 & the FORTUNER SIGMA 4 price is 9,269,000 PKR. The price was decreased from 3 lac to 4 lac from these cars which confirmed prices are given here.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
FORTUNER 2.7 GPKR 7,999,000PKR 7,649,000PKR 350,000
FORTUNER 2.7 VVTiPKR 9,299,000PKR 8,899,000PKR 400,000
FORTUNER SIGMA 4PKR 9,649,000PKR 9,269,000PKR 380,000

Toyota Revo

Toyota HILUX REVO G M/T price in Pakistan is 6,429,000. HILUX REVO G A/T price in Pakistan is 6,779,000 PKR and the third model HILUX REVO V A/T price is 7,379,000 PKR. These are the latest prices of all vehicles for July 2022.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
HILUX REVO G M/TPKR 6,549,000PKR 6,429,000PKR 120,000
HILUX REVO G A/TPKR 6,899,000PKR 6,779,000PKR 120,000
HILUX REVO V A/TPKR 7,499,000PKR 7,379,000PKR 120,000

New DFSK Car Prices

DFSK company has made many wonderful and beautiful cars. The most famous and cheap car is the Prince Pearl car which is 800cc and its price is below then 12 lac Pakistani rupees. There are 3 models in Glory 580 of which two are 1500cc and the third car is 1800cc whose price decreased by about Rs.70,000 in the 2023 budget.


prince Peral 800cc car in Pakistan was 1,199,000 and the price decreased in July 2022 to about Rs. 88,000 PKR. The new price of Prince Pearl 800cc is Rs. 1,111,000 PKR.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
PRINCE PEARL 800ccPKR 1,199,000PKR 1,111,000PKR 88,000

DFSK Glory 580

In Glory 580 the prices are some different but the features are very excellent. 1500cc Turbo Glory 580 pro price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,610,000. Rs. 89,000 was decreased from it. The new price of GLORY 580 T 1500cc TURBO is Rs. 4,229,000 PKR. Glory 580 1800cc price in Pakistan is 4,379,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
GLORY 580 PRO 1500cc TURBOPKR 4,699,000PKR 4,610,000PKR 89,000
GLORY 580 T 1500cc TURBOPKR 4,299,000PKR 4,229,000PKR 70,000
GLORY 580 1800ccPKR 4,449,000PKR 4,379,000PKR 70,000

United Motors Cars Prices

United motors have made two different models one is the Bravo and the second is the Alpha. United Bravo’s price in Pakistan is 1,030,000. It is the new price as of July 2022. The new price of United Alpha is 1,350,000. The was decreased by about 69,000 to 95,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
United BravoPKR 1,099,000PKR 1,030,000PKR 69,000
United AlphaPKR 1,445,000PKR 1,350,000PKR 95,000

New Kia Car Prices

KIA is the best-ever company that has made more than 7 vehicles. All the vehicles are very beautiful and powerful. They make the engine very powerful. This company vehicle is available in Pakistan and the prices are also changed for these cars. In Picanto models, the price of Rs. 100,000 to 130,000 dropped. In the Sportage model, the same price dropped. Sorento vehicle rates are high so, in the budget of 2023, the prices of Sorento cars are decreased by about Rs. 100,000 to 200,000.


PICANTO 1.0 M/T car price in Pakistan is Rs. 1,781,000. The new price of a PICANTO 1.0 A/T car price in Pakistan is Rs. 1,922,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
PICANTO 1.0 M/TPKR 1,899,000PKR 1,781,000PKR 118,000
PICANTO 1.0 A/TPKR 2,049,000PKR 1,922,000PKR 127,000


Sportage car prices

Sportage cars are best for the racing because it has very wonderful engines and very strong body. SPORTAGE ALPHA’s price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,294,000 which is the new price of 2023. There is no more difference between these cars. AWD price is Rs. 5,270,000 and FWD price is 4,782,000 PKR.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
SPORTAGE ALPHAPKR 4,399,000PKR 4,294,000PKR 105,000
SPORTAGE FWDPKR 4,899,000PKR 4,782,000PKR 117,000
SPORTAGE AWDPKR 5,399,000PKR 5,270,000PKR 129,000


Sorentro Car Prices

Sorento has three models which are 2.4 FWD, 2.4 AWD, and 3.5 FWD. The Sorento 2.4 FWD price is Rs.6,836,000. 2.4 AWD price is 7,812,000 and FWD 3.5 model price is Rs. 8,203,000.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesDifference
SORENTRO 2.4 FWDPKR 6,999,000PKR 6,836,000PKR 163,000
SORENTRO 2.4 AWDPKR 7,999,000PKR 7,812,000PKR 187,000
SORENTRO 3.5 FWDPKR 8,399,000PKR 8,203,000PKR 196,000

All the prices are changed on July 2022 in the budget of 2023. These prices may be different from the market today rate. We have added these prices after confirming the rates from the official sites of the companies. If there are any changes to these vehicles then please contact us and tell us. We will update this as soon as possible. Follow our Twitter page to get more updates.

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