The idea that everyone on Tiktok likes your content is nice to present to you – but nothing is less true. Tiktok consists of an awful lot of different “markets”, so everyone wants to look at other content. So one is more interested in dance movies, while the other prefers to watch guitar movies.

That’s the only reason why it’s important to focus on one area of ​​interest, or one niche. This is how you give your viewers extra motivation to follow you: they are interested in the content you create.

However, it is also important to make a clear selection in a particular niche. For example, suppose you want to create content about fashion. Well, there are countless Tiktokkers already posting fashion videos – and your chances of becoming popular drop enormously if you do exactly the same as the rest, as it turns out Woocommerce research.

Therefore, try to make a clear selection in that niche, which will make your content even more attractive for a particular selection from the target group. For example, if you post fashion-related content for girls who are taller than 1.80 meters, you will give them extra motivation to follow you.

And it is precisely through this selection that you build a loyal fan base, which in the long run will ensure success!

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