Google Adsense alternatives in Pakistan 2023 – High CPM Networks

Adsense alternative in Pakistan

What are you looking for as an alternative to Google Adsense? If yes then here I will tell you about some of the highest paying Adsense alternative websites and companies and High CPM ad networks for publishers. You can earn the same money same as AdSense pays you. You have to need to approve your website from these companies and after approval, you can earn a lot of money from blogging.

I am working on blogging as my passion and today my income is up to $1000/month. You will never believe but I can give you screenshots if you need them. Because it is a private part of our income so we cannot share it here. There is not only Google Adsense that pays more money to publishers. There are more than 20 more networks that are paying good income to the publishers but not Google Adsense. Here are only 2-5 networks that are paying more money from blogging to all publishers. You have not to need to get approval from it just have to need to enter and add the website.

Best Alternative of Google Adsense for Bloggers and Publishers 2023

I am providing you with a list of alternative to Google Adsense that pays more money. if you have daily 1K page views from Asia then you can easily make $3 per day. Most of the publishers are using these networks for a long time but those users and publishers who don’t want to monetize traffic on popup ads can use these networks.

1. (Best for USA, UK & Europe Country Traffic Blogs)

It is the best Google Adsense alternative that pays more money. You can earn money online from your blog without any CPC method. Those people who are looking for the highest CPM networks can join this network. This network pays more than $5-$10 per 1000 impressions. If you have 1000 daily page views and you show the 3 ad units on one page then you will be showing 3000 page views. From these impressions, you can generate $15-$30 per 3000 impressions. I think it is a good income than Google Adsense.

Its joining method is tough because you need premium traffic from USA and UK countries. You should have a minimum of 10-20 posts with high-quality content / English. Your website has good traffic to get approval from this network.

2. Adsterra (Best for USA, UK & Europe Country Traffic Blogs)

Adsterra is the best network that pays more money to publishers. This network pays money for the CPM. You have to show ads on your blog and website and without any clicks, you will generate income. Its CPM rate is average for Asia countries. If you are receiving traffic from the USA, UK, and other European countries then you can make the highest income. The income and CPM rate depends on the users and your content niche. If you have finance, education, jobs, and an affiliate blog then you can make a good income. This network does not pay good income for Pakistani, Indian, and other Asian countries.

This network pays through Paypal, bank accounts, Wire transfers, Webmoney, and other American accounts. You can withdraw money every 15 days if you make a minimum withdrawal payment. You can also make money online through the affiliate program of this network.

3. Monetag

If your website has Asian traffic like from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries then this is the best network for you. You can make a good income from your blog. The CPM rate for Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh is $3. This network is paying good CPM rates for the USA, UK, and other premium countries. You can make more than $100 for 1000 pageviews.

I am making a $3-$5 CPM rate from Asian traffic. if you have daily 10k page views then you can easily make more than $10-$30. The payment method of this network is Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill, and Webmoney. This network releases the payment from the 1-10 date and the second payment date is the 15-20 date. You can get payment 2 times in one month if you have more than 10k daily traffic.


Getting approval from is very difficult so, you can use other networks which will be approved in just a few seconds. These are the best CPM ad networks for bloggers and social workers. If you will keep up the good work and got traffic from Europe, America, Canada, Australia and other premium countries then you can make a good income. Sometimes, advertisers invest more money in these countries to get clients and publishers also earn 60% higher income.

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