Best Urdu To English Learning App For Beginners

Speaking and understanding English has become very important. English is widely spoken and understood all over the world. In offices, schools, colleges, and everywhere, now everyone is giving preference to English. Learning English becomes a bit difficult for Pakistan, India, and other countries whose mother tongue is Urdu. So, here are some apps for android mobile phones that can help us to learn English basic words from the Urdu language. All those people who are interested to learn the English language can install these apps and can get their daily lessons. Some of the apps are the same as a game and these types of apps easily learn us English.

Those people who know and understand little words of English can write English words or Urdu words can easily learn English well in 30 to 60 days. Just install these apps, create an account and start your English learning course for free. Here are some of the apps that can correct our grammar and tough English words. You can also check the meanings of your words meaning in Urdu and English. Some of the apps are online and some of the apps are offline. I will give the details of every app that is it online or offline.

If you know the English language can read, speak and understand English then you have many good opportunities. All the largest companies find people who know and spoke English well. So, you can find a good job for yourself with a high income. So, don’t delay learning English because it is very important. if we are traveling to other countries, searching for jobs and contacting with any person from all over the world then it is most important for us.

Best Urdu To English Learning App For Beginners

Many schools and academies are providing 30 days English learning courses at the highest prices. You can use these apps to learn English, correct your grammar, and also can know the meaning of the words in the dictionary. These apps are very helpful for students, office workers, and teachers.

1. Hello English : Learn English App

On the Google Play Store, it is the best app to learn the English language. ​​In this app, there are 22 types of languages supported. You can learn English from your language on a daily basis in 30 days to 90 days. You can learn English by playing games and by completing daily tasks.

In this app, lessons are given on a daily basis which we have to memorize. In addition, the most commonly used words are taught first. So that we can further our knowledge by speaking English with our friends with the help of these simple words. This app is offline and you can use it while not having the internet.

This app also takes tests from you every week and if you don’t pass the test, it tries to explain to you in an even easier way. This app is absolutely free and you can learn English from Urdu, Hindi, and other languages ​​of the world. The best thing about this app is that you are notified daily via notifications to memorize the lesson and get the next lesson.

2. Learn English In Urdu

This is the second-best app on the internet for android users. From this app, you can learn English from the Urdu language. Here are all basic words in PDF format and you can understand the English language. This app is designed as an Urdu to English learning book. You can learn all the basic English sentences that are used in your life. You have never needed an internet connection after installing the app because this app is offline supported. You can make your daily routine to learn daily lessons. The app has more than 6000 sentences that we can learn in 36 days.

The app has not any daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to do. You cannot learn English by watching videos and playing games in it. It is a simple English learning app. The app does not have a dictionary that we can check the meaning of any word. All the Urdu to English learning lessons are designed in a book format that is easy to understand and you can correct your basic English sentences.

3. Learn English Speaking In Urdu

This app has good ratings on the Google Play Store in the education category. You can easily learn English from only the Urdu language. If you live in Pakistan, India and know the Urdu language then you can easily understand this app. There are many commonly spoken words, idioms, translators, proverbs, and much more from Urdu to English. You cannot play games on this app. You can also translate Urdu to English by just typing words and sentences from Urdu to English.

This app is supported in Urdu and English both languages and you use it even offline. You can correct tour grammar and can learn English Vocabulary. This app is Free but the company shows the advertisements after every few minutes. You can chat with friends online in English by learning and translating little English words. You will get more than 100 lessons that you have to memorize on daily basis. There is no gaming option in this app so we can avoid boredom while learning English.

4. Learn English In Urdu By Ever New

Learn English in Urdu is a new app that has good options to know the daily use of words in English. If you have been to a hospital and you need to communicate in English there, the sentences in this app are in the same category. You can learn commonly spoken words and phrases in the hospital from Urdu to English. You can hear these words by voice and you can also find out the meaning of these words.

In addition, this app contains the alphabet, counting, names of months, names of days, phrases, and words used in the morning, day, and night. A special feature of this app is that you can hear the sentence you want to learn in both English and Urdu. It is very easy to use the app. We have to just need to install this app and while offline we can use this app. The largest number of vocabulary helps us to learn English well and fast.

5. English Learning App By (Green Rocket Apps)

There are many English language institutes and courses that teach us to speak English in 30 days. People who know a little bit about English and can speak, write and understand short words and phrases can further improve their English through this app. They have never needed to go to the academic and do paid courses.

This app has quizzes options, vocabulary, sentences, dictionaries, and translation options. If you want to take an English course within 30 days, use this app for 2 hours a day. To communicate in English with your friends and family, you can find out the meaning of phrases and words in it.

Final Words

Here are many other apps that are designed to learn the English language and to correct our English grammar. We can learn English if we read lessons on daily basis and do hard work. In the list of apps, the first app “Hello English” is the best app to learn the English language, understand the meanings of the words, and correct our sentences and grammar. This app is helping us to learn English by playing games. All those apps that have daily tasks, games, and tests are not boredom and from these apps, we can learn English 2x faster.

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