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How to check property ownership in Pakistan using CNIC

How to Check Property ownership in Pakistan

Do you want to check your property or Land records online in Pakistan? If you want to check property records in your own name or in someone else’s name, today we will give you complete information about it.

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How to check Property ownership in Pakistan online

  1. You can check Property ownership in Pakistan online by Going government site
  2. to check land or Property record in Punjab Visit website
  3. You can check Land records by CNIC or Property number.
  4. To check Online Property or Land record in Sindh Visit
The government of Pakistan has introduced an online property or Land checking system to eliminate the problem of occupation groups and other mafias who seize people’s property and bribe them to get the records destroyed due to lack of online records.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

People living in Punjab can easily get a complete record of their property and the name and address of its owner. The Punjab government has introduced an online system to keep land records safe. This allows you to check online records without paying someone or without going anywhere.

How to Check Punjab Land Record

  1. Go to

    punjab 2Brecord 2Bcheck
  2. Click on Property Registration and a new page will be open.
    check 2Bproperty 2Bonline
  3. Select district and then select the Area where you want to check the Land record
  4. Now in the 3rd Box Select the option in Drop Down list how you want to check the record
  5. If you want to check Land record by CNIC then Select CNIC, Bahi number
  6. Now, the Last Box, Write the CNIC Number, Bahi number, or which you want.
  7. In the last, Click on the Search button u will find all records on the Screen.
  8. If you want to Download that record or its papers you should register on this website.

How to Check Sindh Land record

  1. You can Check Sindh Land Record by going on Sindh Govt Site
  2. Visit the site and click on Search by CNIC/NIC
  3. After Clicking on it Enter the CNIC.NIC number and solve the captcha then click on the search.
  4. You can also Check Land Record in Karachi or other Sindh Areas.
  5. To check Land Record by name click on the Search by name button.
  6. Select the District and Taluka now select the Deh.
  7. Below Form, Write the full name as on CNIC.
  8. Solve the captcha and click on the search button.
  9. You will find a complete record of Your Land or Property.


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