Paraisópolis Celular free Internet in Brazil

Paraisópolis Celular is a Brazil mobile phone network and it is mostly famous due to its lowest rates. In Brazil, there are many other networks that are providing internet packages and calling services. This company was founded in 2001 and now it became the most popular company in Brazil. If you are looking for the Paraisópolis Celular free internet settings or Paraisópolis Celular free internet code then you are in the right place. Here I am providing you free Brazil internet on mobile phones and desktops using VPN and APN settings.

Paraisópolis Celular free Internet Settings Brazil

Free Paraisópolis Celular unlimited internet can be used if you have bought a new SIM card from Brazil in any city or place. Its internet settings are very simple, You have to set up its APN settings that are given below. By activating Paraisópolis Celular’s free internet settings customers can use unlimited internet on their mobile phones and can go to all cities and areas of Brazil. Go to the settings and choose mobile phone networks > Select SIM Paraisópolis Celular > Tap on APN and create a New APN.

Paraisópolis Celular FREE APN Settings

NameParaisópolis Celular FREE Internet
UsernameParaisópolis Celular Brazil
Password1234 or 0000

Save these settings turn data on of Paraisópolis Celular and open the web browser of Google Chrome or any other like UC Turbo or Opera. After opening the browser Check that your Paraisópolis Celular balance or recharge is empty because while using free internet Paraisópolis Celular your balance or recharge can be deducted. Don’t try if you have recharge remaining in Paraisópolis Celular.

Browse the from your mobile and you will be redirected to Enter any website like to browse the free internet. Paraisópolis Celular can end this free internet service at any time. So, always check the balance and messages if you received from Paraisópolis Celular.

FREE Internet After Buying a New Paraisópolis Celular SIM

Many companies of Brazil are offering New SIM offers so similar Paraisópolis Celular is offering free unlimited internet for 30 days. Customers can activate these all free received MBs and data on their 3G and 4G Paraisópolis Celular SIM Card. Prepaid customers can get this offer only so always use prepaid SIM cards of any company to use free data in Brazil.

You can also use free data on Paraisópolis Celular by reactivating your old SIM. Paraisópolis Celular VPN is also working on Paraisópolis Celular and you can connect this VPN after settings your APN. I hope that u have received free data for a lifetime on your Paraisópolis Celular SIM. If there is any issue while using free internet you can comment us.

Nageena Fatima