Today I give you all the packages in this post DU gives you a good package. This page will give you all the Du Internet packages You will get the Daily Internet Package Weekly Internet Package and Monthly Internet Package.

DU internet packages, daily

In this table, you are given all the low-price packages which you are given all the facilities in these packages. In which you get social media and social data and in which you get flexi minutes. If you are abroad and don’t have internet access, you can use Flexi Minutes.

DataValidityActivation codeFlexi mintsSocial DataPrice
300MB24 hour*135*5#AED 4.2
200MB24 hour*135*5#AED 3.15
120MB24 hour*135*5#AED 2.1
60GB24 hour*135#5#3#2#AED 2
24 hour*135#5#3#2#120MBAED 2
100MB24 hour*135#5#3#2#AED 3.15
24 hour*135#5#3#2#200MBAED 3.15
150MB24 hour*135#5#3#2#AED 4
24 hour*135#5#3#2#300MBAED 4
30MB24 hour*135*3#1#2 MintsAED 3.15
100MB24 hour*135#AED 3
60MB24 hour*135*6#AED 2.1
100MB24 hour*135*6#AED 3.15
150MB24 hour*135*6#AED 4.2

Du unlimited social Data package

  • Package name. Daily unlimited social package.
  • Internet. Unlimited social networks.
  • Validity. 24 hours.
  • Activation code. Dial *135*55#.
  • Unsubscription. SMS stop social to 1355.
  • Price. AED 2.

Dial to *135*55# subscribe to this package.

Du internet package social, Facebook, Classified,  Daily

Facebook Daily50MB24 hour5.00
Social Pack100MB24 hour10.00
Classified50MB24 hour5.00

Thase Daily Internet Packages Now Get Facebook And Social Pack And Classified Five Thase Packages Are Four Ane De And Thase Packages Are At A Good Price.

Du Prepaid Flexi Plans weekly

In this weekly offer, you get 250MB and along with that, you get 25 Flexi minutes.

  • Internet. 250MB
  • Flexi minutes. 25 minutes
  • Activation code. *135*3#
  • Validity. 7 days
  • Price. AED 26.25

Dial*135*3# to subscribe to this package offer۔

Du internet packages weekly

Package name100GB
Download speed100GB
upload speed512 kbps
512 kbps
Validity7 days
PriceAED 100
AED 150

DU Prepaid Monthly FLEXI Plans

You get more flexible minutes in this package. You can easily make calls to any country with this package. You can call any network without balance with this package. These packages are for 28 days only.

InternetFlexi minutesValidityPrice
10GB120 minutes28 DayAED 169
10GB90 minutes28 DayAED 159
10GB60 minutes28 DayAED 149
10GB30 minutes28 DayAED 139
6GB120 minutes28 DayAED 129
6GB90 minutes28 DayAED 119
6GB60 minutes28 DayAED 109
6GB30 minutes28 DayAED 99
4GB120 minutes28 DayAED 109
4GB90 minutes28 DayAED 99
4GB60 minutes28 DayAED 89
4GB30 minutes28 DayAED 79
2GB120 minutes28 DayAED 79
2GB90 minutes28 DayAED 69
2GB60 minutes28 DayAED 59
2GB30 minutes28 DayAED 49

Monthly internet package

Du always provides low-cost packages to its customers. Apart from this package, you will also find low-cost packages that will get you internet and social data wifi. And with that you get 192Kbps.

InternetMinutesActivation CodeValidityPrice
250MB+250MB Social*135#1 MonthAED 30
155MB@192Kbps then Unlimited*135*5#1 MonthAED 50
1.5 GB50 Minutes*135#1 MonthAED 52.5
500MB+500MB Social*135#1 MonthAED 55
3 GB100 Minutes*135*3#1 MonthAED 105
1.1 GB+ 1.1 GB Social+ 1.5 GB Wifi*135#1 MonthAED 110
1GB + 1GB Social*135#1 MonthAED 115.5
500MB+500MB Social*135#1 MonthAED 57.5
750 MB15 Minutes*135*3#1 MonthAED 36.75
6 GB150 Minutes*135*3#1 MonthAED 157.5
5GB + 3GB Social*135#1 MonthAED 220.5
5GB + 3GB Social+5GB Wifi*135*3#1 MonthAED 210
1.1GB +1.1 GB Social +1.5 GB Wifi*135*3#1 MonthAED 115.5
5GB+3GB Social*135*3#1 MonthAED 210
5GB + 3GB Social+5GB Wifi*135*3#1 MonthAED 210
6GB+3GB Wifi150 Minutes*135*3#1 MonthAED 157.5
25GB+15 Social*135#1 MonthAED 525
25 GB+15 GB Social*135#1 MonthAED 551.25

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