The Economic Co-appointment Committee (ECC) has endorsed the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program for Pakistanis abroad who send settlements through legitimate channels. Under the program, as a trade-off for extra focuses, you will get limits on air tickets, obligations on cell phones, identification, and personality card charges.

Carry unfamiliar trade into the nation, get concessions and offices. The gathering, led by Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen, endorsed a Sohni Dharti settlement program worth over Rs 13.10 billion for abroad Pakistanis. Under which the individuals who send cash to Pakistan through lawful channels will get extra focuses.

As per the program, abroad Pakistanis will actually want to purchase PIA tickets in return for extra focuses, exclusion on cell phone obligation, office like protection premium, rebate on identification, and public character card expenses while buying at utility stores under these focuses. Can likewise

Abroad Pakistanis getting back for all time will likewise have the office to cash the focuses acquired under the settlement program.

Then again, the Economic Co-appointment Committee of the Cabinet additionally supported the arrival of 190,000 tons of wheat to utility stores to guarantee a continuous stockpile of wheat the nation over.

The board was educated that 90 metric tons regarding wheat have effectively been given under the interval course of action. The ECC additionally supported the arrival of 300,000 tons of wheat for Azad Kashmir, out of which 140,000 tons have effectively been delivered. Has been finished.

The board likewise endorsed extra help of Rs6.4 billion for the Special Technology Zones Authority of the Cabinet Division for the current monetary year.

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