500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers for friendship 2021

girls whatsapp numbers

If you are looking for real girls WhatsApp numbers then you came to the right place. I am going to share beautiful girls’ numbers which are active and ON. You can talk to them on WhatsApp and also you can make them to your friends. If they want to relationship with you then you can do it.

If You are alone and you want to find a life partner or friends then you can contact these girls’ numbers and make them your friends. We are sharing with you all world girls WhatsApp numbers from Canada, USA, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Saudia Arabi, Missar Girls, and Philippines girls numbers.

500+ Online Girls Mobile Numbers for friendship

Making friends with girls is not a difficult task but there are many people who feel embarrassed when talking to girls. That’s why they can’t befriend them and start looking for girls’ numbers on the internet. Many such people start to feel lonely and it is necessary for such people to have a companion. So that they can share everything with them. Let there be someone who shares in their sorrows and joys.

Gays, All these numbers are taken from the internet and we have checked these all numbers. All given Girls numbers are real and you can contact them to make friends online. We have not to guarantee if these numbers going off. To talk with these girls first send them a message, if they give you a reply that they are ready for a chat and WhatsApp call then call them. Don’t disturb girls on the Phone because it is a crime so, be careful while contacting them.

Girls Whatsapp Numbers for friendship

In 2020, there is a trend of girls WhatsApp numbers on Google and other search engines. many young men search for this topic because they are alone and they have not any girlfriend for online chatting and calls. When they feel lonely then they search for online girls’ numbers on the internet but they found the wrong numbers.

I am sharing with you beautiful Pakistani, Indian, USA and UAE Girls numbers which are 100% Real and they are ON.

List of Beautiful Girls Countries in the World

Everyone wants to find a girl who is the most beautiful in the world. Whether from any country and from any family. I have also noticed that people are often looking for the numbers of beautiful rich girls on the internet. Here I will tell you about some of the countries where girls are very beautiful and at the same time rich.

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers | Larkiyon k Whatsapp numbers

If you are from Pakistan and You are looking for Pakistani girls Whatsapp numbers then I am sharing with you Lahore, Karachi girls, Multan girls, Rawalpindi Girls, Islamabad Girls WhatsApp numbers. Pakistani girls are most beautiful and cute.

Lahore girls mobile number

There are many girls who are looking for cute boys Whatsapp numbers on the internet. Sargodha Girls, Gujranwala, Layia, jatoi, DJ Khan and Chakwal Girls number are available here.

If you came here for girls number then you will also search for girls Whatsapp group links, Indian girls groups, Pakistani girls groups and usa girls WhatsApp groups. I will provide you with all these things only in this post.

Here is the list of Pakistani college and school girls numbers:

  • Amina: 923031*****
  • Kiran: +92303563****
  • Shabana: 92-3*****
  • Mariyam: 03135*****
  • Iqra: 03135*****
  • Zubaida: 345******
  • Sara: 321-2*****
  • Eman: 3037******
  • Mehwish: 3468******
  • Saira: 33476******


Amina is a Pakistani girl who belongs to a rich family. she is looking for a cute and handsome boy for friendship and dating. if you are interested in Amina then her profile is given below. You can talk to her and make her your friend.

Girls Whatsapp Number
  • Name: Amina Iqbal
  • City: Karachi
  • Age: 23
  • Status: Single
  • Looking: boy for friendship
  • Number: 923****


She is a beautiful girl from Lahore and looking for a boy for marriage. she wants only an honesty husband who will like her, Love her, and don’t leave her alone. Read its profile and contact her for a relationship.

  • Name: Shabana
  • City: Lahore
  • Age: 22
  • Status: Single
  • Looking: boy for marriage
  • Number: 92-308-****

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USA Girls Mobile Numbers

The USA is the richest country and its Girls and women are some beautiful. If You want to marry with USA girls or women then there are many USA single ladies Whatsapp numbers who are waiting for cute boys.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers 2021
  • Rebeka: +1476****
  • otnhi: +145****
  • Oilya: +1547******
  • namtyu: +12/*****
  • nanyty: +182******
  • Kotuia: +122*****
  • Mrgem: +123*****


Mrgem is a single girl and looking for a relationship. If you are looking for American girls and women for marriage then You can contact her and ask for marriage. she is a beautiful and 23 years old girl from the USA.

  • Name: Mrgem
  • Location: Boston, USA
  • Age: 23 Years
  • Whatsapp: +123******


  • Name: Kotuia
  • Age: 21 years
  • Status: Unmarried 
  • Whatsapp: +12238*****

Canada Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Canada is a beautiful country and its people are the same beautiful and cute. many Canadian girls find other countries’ boys numbers because they did not feel comfortable in Canada boys. Similar Here are some boys who are looking for Canadian girls and we are publishing here these numbers here.


  • Name: Sash
  • Age: 23
  • No# 450-49*****
  • Status: Single

Sash is a Canadian girl who is a Muslim and looking for a boy who will care for her and Love her. her age is 23 years old and she is a single girl. If you want to take her to your friend then Text or call her and ask for friendship.

There are also many girls in the world who are looking for cute boys for marriage and friendship. If you live in Canada and you are looking for girls or boys numbers then write your number in the comments and submit.

Indian Girls for Online friendship and chatting number

Indian Girls are the most beautiful and Cute girls who win the hearts of men. There are many Indian girls who like Pakistani boys and want to make them their boyfriends. I came here with the latest Boys and Girls Contact Numbers.

  • Name: Bindiya
  • Contact: +9157*****
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Name: Avista
  • Contact: +9153*****
  • Location: Delhi, india
  • Age: 23
  • Name: Pinal
  • Contact/WA: +915******
  • Location: Delhi, india
  • Age: 20
  • Looking for cute boy
  • Name: Covina
  • Country: India
  • Phone: +915*****
  • Age: 25
  • Name: Aasha
  • Cell: +915******
  • Age: 23
  • Status: Single

We have found more than 100+ real Girls Number that is ON and real. we publish these numbers after agreement of owners. want to add your number then you can contact comment your number below and can make new friends online.

If you are embarrassed to talk to girls, you can call these numbers and talk to girls online. to remove any of these numbers from here, you can contact us and have these numbers deleted. Keep regular visit for more new numbers updates.



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