Hair Mask: An effective Remedy for Dry and Frizzy Hairs

Hairs are an essential component of a personality. Moreover, healthy hairs are an indicator of good health. But, unfortunately, sometimes the hair health starts to deteriorate because of the busy and unhealthy lifestyle. This article has all the solutions if you are worried about dry and frizzy hairs and want a permanent solution. But first, let’s understand the root cause of dry and unhealthy hair. 

Why hair becomes frizzy and dry?

Hairs can become dry and frizzy because of a lack of oil. The outer layers of hair strands contain oil which provides shine to them. However, sometimes due to medical and environmental problems, hairs become extremely dry. For that, Timely treatment is necessary to avoid permanent damage. 

Dr. Rashel steam hair mask

DR Rashel, a Dubai-based beauty brand, came up with the solution. Their steam hair mask has one vital ingredient for optimum hair health: argan oil, the best treatment for damaged and dry hair. This mask is readily available in Dr. Rashel’s official store in Pakistan. Therefore, before discussing the benefits of this hair mask, let’s explore the uses and benefits of argan oil and steam for optimum hair health. 

Dr.Rashel Nourishing Steam Argan Oil Hair Mask


The argan oil has been in use for centuries for various cosmetics and culinary purposes. Moreover, It is present in the kernel of the Argan tree fruits. Some of the benefits of using argan oil are as follows:

  • It contains Vitamin E, which is necessary for optimum functioning of the body. It is also an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals from the body. 
  • The anti-inflammatory components present in argan oil are an essential treatment for skin issues. 
  • One of the best use of argan oil is that it is suitable for skin and hair. Moreover, the fatty acid present in the argan oil provides optimum hydration to the skin and hair, which prevents hair damage. 

Benefits of steam for hair health 

The presence of argan oil helps in the treatment of damaged hairs. Moreover, steam is vital for the absorption of nutrients present in the hair mask. Steam is a well-known way of rejuvenating damaged follicles. Steam promotes penetration of the content into the hairs. Furthermore, the moist heat helps in the better circulation of blood which is vital for hair growth.

If you wonder how to use this product, then continue reading.

How to use a hair mask

These steps are vital to attaining optimum results:

  • Wash the hair with shampoo to clean the scalp.
  • In damp hair, wear a hair cap. The cap will allow all the nutrients absorbed in the scalp. 
  • Keep that mask on for 15-20 minutes for optimal results.

Bottom line

Everyone wants shiny and healthy hair, as they are the prerequisite of an attractive personality. However, due to various factors, people often face the issue of dry and frizzy hairs. Dr. Rashel steam hair mask is come up with the solution. There are two primary components of this product that makes it outstanding. 

Steam and argan oil. Steam plays a crucial role in the absorption of all the nutrients present in the hair mask. Moreover, the argan oil provides optimum hydration to the hairs making them look shiny and healthy. 

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