Iran has developed Hamdam Dating App for Muslims

Hamdam Dating App for Muslims: The Iranian government has developed a dating app that encourages its people to marry and engage in this pure bond. The name of this app is ‘Hamdam’ app. People all over Iran can use the Hamdam app to find a companion for themselves. The government says that people will benefit a lot from this app.

Hamdam Dating App for Muslims

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The younger generation will be able to avoid fraud and will now have the right to choose the relationship of their choice. Iran named this app Hamdam because it is related to marriage. In Muslim countries, especially in the light of religious teachings, measures are taken to control misguidance. The main purpose of this app is to avoid bad relationships between people. The Iranian government has said that any dating app or website developed in the Internet world would be considered wrong.

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With this app, we officially check people’s complete information and make relationships. People here cannot cheat each other because the government has a family record. You can easily download the Hamdam app from the Play Store. Download Hamdam Dating App for Muslims.


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