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Honda Bike Rates & Prices increased in Pakistan on February 2023

Honda CD70 and 125 prices in Pakistan 2023

The motorcycle market in Pakistan has seen a recent price increase in 2023. The following table outlines the previous and new prices for various bike models, along with the difference in price.

Latest Honda Bikes prices as of February 2023

ModelsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Price Difference (PKR)
CD70 Dream129,500137,9008,000
CB150F (Silver)357,900387,90030,000

It can be seen that the price difference varies between models, with some bikes having a price increase of just 7,400 PKR while others have seen an increase of as much as 30,000 PKR. These updates in prices may affect the buying decisions of consumers in the Pakistani motorcycle market.

The recent price increase of bikes in Pakistan has caused some concern among consumers. Many are now faced with the challenge of re-evaluating their budgets and considering alternative options. The prices of the popular CD70 and CD70 Dream models have gone up by 7,400 and 8,000 PKR respectively, while the price of the CB150F and CB150F (Silver) has increased by a substantial 30,000 PKR.

It is important to note that the price increases are not limited to just a few models. All the bikes listed in the table have seen some increase in their prices, which shows that the price increase is a market-wide trend.

Why did Honda Increase Prices in Pakistan?

Despite the price increase, many bike enthusiasts in Pakistan remain committed to their favourite brands and models. For them, the added cost may not be a significant deterrent as the benefits and performance of their preferred bikes still outweigh the extra expenses. However, for others who may have limited budgets, this recent development in the market may cause them to reconsider their options and opt for cheaper alternatives.

In conclusion, the recent increase in bike prices in Pakistan has created a challenging situation for both manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers must find ways to justify the added costs, while consumers must decide whether the extra expenses are worth it for their preferred bike models. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that the Pakistani motorcycle market is in a state of flux and that the prices of bikes will continue to be a topic of discussion in the coming months.

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