In Pakistan, many people are looking for how to check their vaccination status in Pakistan. It is now very important to check and be a Vaccine. Advances in vaccination in Pakistan have shown good results in reducing the number of cases and are likely to be stepped up in vaccine production in Pakistan. Vaccinated residents can now obtain a COVID-19 vaccination card in person or online. How is this done and what is the purpose of obtaining a vaccination card in Pakistan?

What is the NADRA vaccine certificate?

The Pakistan Vaccination Card is proof that you have received one or both doses of each vaccine approved in the country. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has confirmed that it will issue certificates for single-dose and double-dose coronavirus vaccines. Recently, almost 159 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Pakistan.

You can change the specific information on your vaccination card – your name, such as spelling, passport number or nationality – by visiting the website and re-entering your details. It then redirects you to a page where you can click “update certificate details” and re-enter your information.

How to get Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

The rest of the process is the same: Enter your card details, pay PKR 100 and download the certificate. There are many cases where additional information, such as the name of the fax or the date of vaccination, was entered incorrectly on the fax confirmation. To request a correction of your data provided for COVID, visit

You can correct this by applying to the vaccination center where you received the vaccine, or by submitting a complaint to the NIMS website. Alternatively, you can also contact the info line – 1166.

nadra covid vaccine registration number

How can I download the NADRA vaccine certificate?

There are some options that we can use to get a free Certificate.

  1. Online certificate
  2. From NADRA Centre

1. From NADRA Center

Residents can pay 100 PKR at the nearest NADRA center to collect the certificate in person. A complete list of NADRA centers with addresses and timings is available at

2. Online certificate

Alternatively, vaccinated citizens can log on to the NIMS website and enter their CNIC number and issue date. They will receive a vaccination card against COVID-19 after paying 100 PKR with a debit or credit card.

  • Go to the NIMS website
  • Click on the “Corona Vaccine Certificate” button and enter the required information
  • Once you have filled in all the required information, continue with the payment
  • Full payment
  • Print your proof of payment and click Continue
  • Show information
  • Download the certificate

If you need to reprint the vaccination card, visit the NIMS website and re-enter your information. Instead of step 2, where you will be asked for more information, you will be taken directly to the reprint option.

Pak COVID-19 Vaccination Pass App

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), in cooperation with NADRA, has launched the “Pak COVID-19 Vaccination Pass App”. The application is designed to make it easier for people to bring a digital certificate of vaccination against COVID-19.

Users can download their COVID-19 vaccination card issued by NADRA and save it on their phones. The digital certificate is the official proof of vaccination against COVID-19, which is required for national and international travel. Using a QR code, the digital certificate can be verified immediately.

How to Download the booster dose certificate?

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) says that the booster benefit certificate can be obtained under the current procedure through NADRA by entering another benefit. Please read our booster benefit article in Pakistan for more information on the booster benefit program in Pakistan.

Registering vaccine details for Pakistanis abroad

Pakistani nationals who have been vaccinated abroad can now register their vaccination record in the country’s national database by communicating their details to the National Immunization Management System (NIMS) and obtaining their vaccination certificate. COVID-19.

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