How to Earn Free Bitcoin from Mobile and Computer 2023

To encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, pages that give away Earn Free Bitcoin have become popular. Many can try scams. To avoid them, in this article we show you how to earn satoshis for free in 2023 on safe and trusted sites.

First of all, keep in mind no one gives anything away. It is possible to earn money with bitcoin, but you should never believe in ads that promise to get large amounts of satoshis or earn many bitcoins in no time. As we have mentioned, they are probably scams. However, there are websites that offer a few satoshis or small amounts of bitcoin in exchange for doing some homework (see advertising, solving a captcha, playing a game…).

Usually, these sites are ad-supported or even donative, which is relatively common when it comes to bitcoin. If you’re starting to get interested in cryptocurrencies, Earn Free Bitcoin systems are perfect for getting acquainted and starting to understand this world.

Below, you can find out how to earn bitcoins without investing in three different ways: using bitcoin faucets, playing online, or passively mining with your computer.

How to Get Free Bitcoin with a Faucet

Bitcoin faucets, or taps in Spanish, are websites that give away small amounts of bitcoin. Most of them are ad-supported and are the best alternative to having free bitcoin if you’re a beginner. Their concept is very simple: They are pages to Earn Free Bitcoin solving captchas.

To use them, you will only need a bitcoin wallet. There are several facets that work with the micro wallet, so it is probably the most recommended in this case. You can find a detailed guide on this wallet and faucets in our article on bitcoin taps.

For us, one of the best pages to win BTC for free is FreeBitcoin. It’s a very simple and ad-free faucet. It’s ideal to save it among your mobile favourites and play it whenever you remember, as it will only take a few seconds.

Earn bitcoin for free by investing

Although it may seem strange, it is also possible to get free bitcoin by investing directly. But how is this possible?

Well, easy: Many bitcoin exchanges offer welcome bonuses the first time you make a trade on the platform. There are multiple platforms, but below we show you two of the most widespread and secure platforms on the market: Coinbase and Bitpanda.


Perhaps the easiest way to get free cryptocurrencies is to register with 2gether.

If you register and use the code alfonsor9052 they give you 5 euros free in their cryptocurrency. Only if you use that code. The penalty is that it is only valid for euro-area countries, such as Spain. So it can’t be used if you live in Latin America.

2gether is a Spanish cryptocurrency investment platform that does not charge commissions. It only charges exchange fees, making it an easy option to buy bitcoin, but much cheaper than other platforms like Coinbase or Bitpanda.

In addition, it offers you the possibility to request a card and be able to pay for all your current purchases with it.


Coinbase gives away $10 if you buy or sell a minimum of $100 (or $8 if you buy or sell a minimum of $85 if your local currency is the euro), but only if you’re invited by another user and you make your first transaction.


Bitpanda is another platform to buy the most used and secure bitcoin in the world. But the welcome offer is much better than Coinbase’s: You can earn $10 (or euros) just by depositing and making a transaction of a minimum of just $25.

That is, you will be able to deposit 25 euros, make a transaction and you will earn 10 euros in bitcoin for free. At this time you will be able to withdraw the money and you will have 35 euros in your wallet (minus the commissions that the platform subtracts).

Earn free cryptocurrencies by learning

Yes, it is also possible to win cryptocurrencies while learning about them. The famous Coinbase exchange has created a training platform to encourage the use of lesser-known cryptocurrencies, such as Stellar or EOS.

This resource is known as Coinbase Earn and offers free cryptocurrencies for watching videos that explain how these cryptocurrencies work. Just watch the video in a few minutes and answer a survey.

In total, you can earn in cryptocurrencies the equivalent of 41$ in less than 30 minutes. Specifically, you can earn $10 stellar Lumens, EOS$10, Maker$6, Celo$6, and Compound$9. Remember that you can transform these cryptocurrencies into your local currency to get them off the platform.

How to make bitcoin for free by playing

There are countless pages where you can earn free bitcoins by watching advertising or doing surveys. However, they are boring tasks that everyone finally abandons. However, there are other more entertaining options:

Online games. The most addictive website where you can make bitcoins for free while playing video games is Bit Fun.

Bit Fun: Games to win satoshis fast

Bit Fun is a platform that hosts mobile video games on which you can play and earn bitcoins.

Among them is the mythical”Cut the Rope”, an addictive logic game that has been downloaded more than 100 million times on mobile devices. The goal of the game is to give a frog candy while collecting stars.

Other games you’ll find on Bit Fun include Bad Land (awarded by Apple as the best iPad video game in 2013), King of Thieves, and Guns N Glory Heroes. Bit Fun also offers other possibilities to get satoshis for free: It has a cumulative faucet, which you can claim whenever you want. It also has PTC options where you get bitcoins for visiting websites, downloading apps, or answering questions.

In addition, Bit Fun is linked to CoinPot. If you sign up with the same email from your CoinPot account, satoshis will be sent to your wallet automatically and instantly.

CryptoKitties: Win Ethereum by playing

CryptoKitties is a game developed on the Ethereum blockchain that saw the light at the end of 2017. The goal is to raise, buy and sell cybernetic pets.

Shortly after its creation, the game quickly became popular in the cryptographic world. So much so, that on December 5, a week after its official release, there was a six-time increase in the number of transactions made on Ethereum. In the same month, a sale of a pet was registered for more than $100,000.

To play CryptoKitties you will need Ethereum. This cryptocurrency is necessary to buy your first pets and to raise new ones. To win Ethereum you will have to sell the pets you get. You can from buying a crypto kitten and sell it more expensive to sell the new pets you create.

How to get free bitcoins by passively mining with a computer

Explained in a very simple way, miners are people who connect their computer equipment to the bitcoin network and deliver their computing power to perform processes that allow transactions and security of the entire bitcoin system. In exchange for ceding that power, they are rewarded with bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining is an expensive alternative. Today there is a lot of competition, so you need very powerful and expensive equipment. In addition, they demand a lot of energy, so it also has electric costs. That is, mining is not a free option to earn bitcoins. It requires investment and maintenance costs, although, in the long run, it turns out to be a profitable project.

However, there are other ways you can get bitcoins by mining without just spending resources: With passive mining from your computer. This way, you can dedicate a portion of your computer’s power to mining, while you use it or even work with it.

To do there are several bitcoin pages that offer this option. Some faucets, such as Moon Bitcoin, allow you to mine through your computer, increasing the profits of such taps.

Best pages to win satoshis or bitcoin fast 2023

As noted at the beginning, no one gives money because they do. Bitcoins are still a currency and, although virtual, bitcoins cannot be obtained online in significant amounts. If you are looking for how to earn bitcoins fast and free, we regret to tell you that it is not an easy thing.

However, by applying some (or all) of these methods consistently, you can collect a significant amount of cryptocurrencies. This, coupled with a future revaluation of bitcoin, can generate extra revenue for you. To get more out of these options, affiliate programs exist. Almost all of these websites own them. Through them, you can invite friends and you’ll get some of the rewards they generate.

How to get bitcoins for free and fast

For us, without a doubt, the best pages to Earn Free Bitcoin are faucets. Although it is true that at first, you will not earn much, if you use it for a while, its results will surprise you. As we have mentioned, the best of them are definitely FreeBitcoin and Cointiply. 

Although getting bitcoins playing or using PTC pages can be more entertaining, in the long run, the time spent by each satoshi is much longer. We recommend this option only if you really feel like playing such games.

Another option, it can be to mine satoshis for free. For example, to maximize your profits in Minergate you can keep your computer on at night with the program running. So you can earn a good amount of bitcoins in no time.

In addition, most of these pages where you get free bitcoins, have a referral system. This means that if you get family and friends to join through a referral link, you’ll also get some of their winnings. Maybe this is the best way to win a lot of satoshis quickly.

Finally, if you are really determined and understand the risks of cryptocurrencies, you can invest in bitcoin in order to sell them in a future revaluation. If you still don’t know how to do it, we invite you to visit our tutorial on how to buy bitcoins.