How to Get FREE Salman Naeem Hospital Card for Free Treatment

Construction of the Salman Naeem Hospital is taking more than 5 years. It is very beautiful and there are more than 2 emergency rooms and more than 20+ doctors are available for a treat. Salman Naeem spent more than Rs 28 crore to build this hospital.

Salman Naeem belongs to a rich family which has ‘Papar’ and ‘Nimko’ factories in Pakistan. He founded a hospital named after his father “Shareef Free Hospital” in 2016, which is the best for general treatment for the poor. All the medicines and treatments are absolutely free here.

Salman Naeem Hospital Card for Free Treatment

In 2020, Salman Naeem start providing free health cards to all poor people in his hospital. There is such type of doctors whose fees are very high and poor people cannot afford it. But Salman Naeem is offering free treatment for all poor people. You can easily get Salman Naeem Hospital Card for free. One card per family is being provided which can provide treatment up to Rs. 900,000.

In order to get the card, the beneficiaries have to fill up an online form and send it to Salman Naeem by e-mail. In addition, you can get the form from the hospital and after filling it, you can attach its required documents and submit it to the hospital. A sample of the form is given below.


  • Registration form
  • 1 Passport size picture
  • Beneficiary CNIC copy
  • Number and names of family members
  • Full address and constituency number
  • Valid contact number

You will need these things to get ready to apply for a free card. After completing all these, you have to fill the form and submit it to the hospital. After a few days, you will receive a confirmation message that your card is ready and you can pick it up at the nearest center for free.

Apply Online for this Form

  1. Open the Salman Naeem website form page
  2. Enter the Full Name of the head of household
  3. Provide your blood group
  4. Enter your CNIC and your profession
  5. Upload your CNIC front and back pictures
  6. Upload the photo of the head of household and submit

How much treatment can we get with this card?

Because it is a private hospital, it is made for the poor. There are all kinds of specialist doctors here and they can provide free treatment up to Rs. 900,000 per family. People in the family mean son, daughter, husband, and wife. The other family members cannot be treated with a single card.

How can Apply for this Card?

This card can only be obtained by the head of the household. For this, the full name of the head, place of birth, names of the children and their age, and mobile number must be entered in the form.

Can a Single Person apply for this Card?

No, people who are unmarried cannot apply for this card. However, they can submit their parent’s name form to the hospital to get a card. Let me tell you, this is a private hospital for every poor and deserving family. Everyone in the nearest area can get all kinds of treatment from this hospital.

There is even an operation facility and the emergency wards are open at all times. The hospital was launched in 2018 and will be completed at the end of 2022. People who have got free cards can do a free check app after the opening of the hospital in the new year 2022.

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Written by SaleemBaloch

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