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How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)

How can I create a Payoneer account?

If you live in Pakistan and do online business or you also do freelancing, buying, or selling work online then you will definitely need a Payoneer account. Because many Banks do not support the Receive payments across the country and you have only one option to Receive payments view Payoneer account.

Some Definition of Payoneer Account, Is Payoneer available in Pakistan?

Many Pakistani don’t know How to make Payoneer account in Pakistan and get Money across the country in Pakistan. It is used to send and receive money online which is available to every organization, every person, and every person working online all over the world.
This allows the money to flow into your Payoneer account and you can easily transfer that money to any of your Pakistani bank accounts.

How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)

If you are having trouble creating this account, you can create your own successful Payoneer account by reading the steps below. You have need some things to Create Payoneer account in Pakistan with Complete verifications.
  1. Take Your CNIC
  2. Your Birthday As on CNIC
  3. Email Address
  4. Pakistani Bank Account Number (that your own)
  5. Your Mobile Number (for Verification)
Complete These 5 Things and Now Follow me step by step to create a Payoneer account.

Create a Payoneer Account Free

1. Visit the Payoneer Website, and click on the Register button
2. Now, the Next page selects the account type, and first of all, Select your passion as shown in the picture below.
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)
If you are a Freelancer, hen select freelancing and there is no option of your passion then select individual.
3. Now below this Select in “I’m Looking to” and click on the “Get Paid by international clients or marketplaces”
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)
4. Select the Payment Volume.
Now you will see a new page where you have to fill the complete form as shown in the picture.
A) Getting Started
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)


  1. Select the account type as Individual or Bussiness.
  2. Write the first and Last Name
  3. Keep remember write Your Real name as given in Your CNIC
  4. Now select the Email address and DOB (date of birth) as in your CNIC.
  5. Now click on Next Button.
B) Contact Details
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)
  1. First of all, Select the country “Pakistan” or if you are out of the country then Select your Country.
  2. Enter Home Address with complete details or House Number
  3. Now Write the City Name
  4. Enter the Postal/Zip Code (ask from Post Office Near you). Don’t Give Wrong Postal Code otherwise you will not receive Payoneer card
  5. Now Enter the Mobile Number to receive a message with a pin code
  6. You will receive Pin Code Enter it and Now Click on Next Button
C) Security Details
In Security Details, You have to enter som Some questions and answers so that if you forgot your email or password then there is the option of security questions and answers. Fill The next Form as shown in the picture.
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)
  1. First of all Enter the Username which you want to make
  2. Now, 2nd and 3rd Boxes, Choose the Password for your Account
  3. In the security, question boxes select an question and the below box enters its answer.
  4. Keep remembering answer because it can be asked to you if you forgot your account password
  5. Below Box, Select your National Identity Country and after it selects the ID Type.
  6. If you have a passport then enter the passport number, if you have CNIC then enter the CNIC Number in the ID Number box.
  7. In the last Box, See the Code as shown in Picture and write it in the last box.
  8. Now click Next
D) Almost Done
This is the final step to create a Payoneer account in Pakistan and After completing this Step you will be able to send and receive PAyments in Your Created Payoneer Account.
How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2020)
  1. Select the bank Country Pakistan
  2. Currency Type PKR
  3. Now Choose the bank In the List of given Banks
  4. Write Your Real and Full name as given in Bank
  5. Now, Find the IBAN number or Generate Iban Number online by finding “Your Bank Iban number” on Google.
  6. If you don’t know IBAN Number then ask it to your Bank and write it here.
  7. Now, check the form details and Click on both agree on buttons and Click the Submit Button.
  8. You have Successfully created Your Payoneer account.
Payoneer will send you Payoneer Card on the Provided Postal or Home Address which you gave in your account address. it will take 15-30 days to arrive at your home or given address.

How to get Payoneer Card in Pakistan | apply for Payoneer card online

to apply and activate your Payoneer account
1. Login to Payoneer account and you will see the Payoneer card number.
How to get Payoneer Card in Pakistan
2. Select the account or Card number which you received from Payoneer.
3. Click on View your status and activate your card
apply for Payoneer card online
4. Payoneer will ask you 16 digital Card Number, Write this Number without given hyphens.
apply for Payoneer card online
5. Now the last step to creating a pin for Your Payoneer Card. Create 4 digit pin and click on the Activate button.
Congratulations! You have successfully activated your Payoneer Account

Payoneer card fees

Payoneer card fees
Payoneer will never charge you first Payoneer Card fees but it will charge $29.95 annually. when you use Payoneer Card for Payments in any Pakistani Atm Machine, Payoneer will Charge some fees of Money payout.

Payoneer sign up $25

Signup and get free $25 after activating the Payoneer account. Payoneer provides you the best offer to earn much more. Invite your friends and after creating successfully Payoneer account Payoneer will give You $25 on each invite.


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