How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2023)

Create a Payoneer Account in Pakistan: For Online Workers, Freelancers, Bloggers, and Online Writers have to need a Payoneer account to receive payments in their Accounts. If you do online work then it is most important to get Payoneer Master Card to receive payments from worldwide banks. Because PayPal does not support Pakistan so here is a second method to use Payoneer.

Is Payoneer available in Pakistan?

Yes! Payoneer account is available in Pakistan and you can get it by doing some easy steps at your home or anywhere in Pakistan. Most people don’t know that a Payoneer account is available in Pakistan to send and receive money in Pakistan and worldwide. Now you can easily link your Payoneer card with your JazzCash account and HBL account for free. By doing this, you can easily transfer your Payoneer money into your JazzCash and HBL Accounts.

How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan (2023)

Most Pakistanis do many efforts to create a Payoneer account and get Their Debit Card but unfortunately, they did not succeed in it. they have not known how to get Payoneer Debit Card in Pakistan. Here are some steps which you can follow and can create success Payoneer account in Pakistan.
  1. you must have Your National CNIC or Driving License
  2. Capture their Pictures with Clear results
  3. You have a Valid and Your own Email Address
  4. Have a Pakistani Bank Account Number (that is your own)
  5. Your Mobile Number (for Verification)

Create a Payoneer Account

  • Open the Payoneer website
  • Click on Register Button
  • Select Your Passion (if ask you)
  • Select freelancer (if You are) if there is no option of your passion then select individual.
  • Select “, I’m Looking to” and click on “Get Paid by international clients or marketplaces
  • Select the Payment Volume which you want to send and receive. 
  • A new Page will open where you will start creating an account.
A) Getting Started
  1. Select the account type as Individual or business.
  2. If you have non-business then select Individual or for Business select Bussiness.
  3. Write Your Real First and Last Name. Ex: (Muhammad Azam)
  4. Your Orignal Name should be Matched as shown in Your CNIC or Passport
  5. Now Write Your Email address
  6. Select the D-O-B (date of birth) that should be matched to your CNIC.
  7. Click on the Next Button.
  8. Contact Details Form (2) will be opened.
B) Contact Details
  1. First of all, Select Your Country. If You are from Pakistan then Slecy Pakistan
  2. Write your Correct Home or Office address
  3. Write the City Name
  4. Enter the Postal/Zip Code Number ( If Don’t know then ask your nearest post office)
  5. Enter Your Mobile Number for verifications and Verify it.
  6. Now click next and you will be redirected to the next page

C) Security Details

  1. Enter a valid username that your own choice (Ex: Azam5211)
  2. Create a Password for Your Account in the second and third box
  3. Select a Question and submit its Answers
  4. Keep remembering these questions answers because it will be asked you if you forgot your account password
  5. Select Your Country and then select your ID type
  6. Select CNIC or passport and then Enter Its Number in the Below box
  7. In the last Step, Solve the captcha by writing words in the below box which shown in the picture
  8. Now click Next

D) Almost DONE

It is the last step and in this step, you will need Your Bank account details.
  1. Select your Bank Account Country where is this available
  2. Select Currency Type (PKR)
  3. In the given list, Select your Bank name
  4. You will need Your Bank IBAN Number
  5. If you don’t know then ask your Bank
  6. Check the form details and click on both buttons and tick them
  7. Now click the Next Submit button
  8. Congrats! You have Successfully created Your Payoneer account.
  9. You will receive an Email about your Account Activation

Payoneer will send you a Debit Card at your provided Address in 15 5o to 30 days depending on your Country’s Post office. When you will receive it then Activate it by following the method.

Apply and activate your Payoneer account
  1. Login to Your Account and click On Debit Card
  2. Then select the Debit card which you received
  3. Click on the views status button
  4. Now click on Activate button
  5. It will ask for 16 digital Card Numbers, Write these Numbers without giving any hyphens.
  6. Now in the last step, Create a four-digit pin for Your Payoneer Card & click on the Activate button. 
Congratulations! You have successfully activated your Payoneer Account

Payoneer Card Fees

The Payoneer Card fee is $29.95 annually. On the first-time Card Activation, it will not require any fees. You can use this Debit Card in any bank ATM Machine in Pakistan.

Payoneer sign up for $25 Free

When you will successfully create your Payoneer account then on the first payment it will give you a free $25 Bonus. It is a limited-time offer and it can be changed at any time. Also, If you will refer a friend and Your friend Creates an account then you will get a $25 commission on each friend joining.

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