To send and receive Money from worldwide or different countries, we always need a PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in Pakistan. There are many Freelancers, Online Workers, Bloggers, and Website Designers who require a PayPal account, and they have successfully got PayPal. If You do an Online Job, then you will need this account to receive payments or your salary. So, I decided to tell you How to make a PayPal account in Pakistan.

It is an American company that operates an online Worldwide Payment System. PayPal was founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, California, United States. Now, the PayPal account is blocked in Pakistan so, It is a difficult process to make a PayPal account in Pakistan without Bank Account. You will need Payoneer Account that I already posted here.

Requirements to make PayPal account

  • A Valid Email Address
  • USA/UK/Canada Number ( Get here)
  • Payoneer account / USA Bank Account
  • A Valid USA Address

Create PayPal account

complete these requirements and now follow me step by step:

  1. Firstly, Go to and click on signup
  2. select account type Personal or Business
  3. If You want to make a personal account then select it and if Business account then selects Business.
  4. Solve the Captcha and a new page will be opened
  5. It will ask you the USA Mobile Number
  6. Give the USA Number, You will receive an SMS
  7. Write the PIN Here which you received in SMS
  8. Enter your Valid Email address
  9. Submit First and Last Name
  10. In the last 2 boxes, Write the password for your account
  11. Click on next and provide your D-O-B date of birth and click next
  12. Congrats! You have created your PayPal account

Now, You will receive an Email of Welcome to PayPal. Many people have a problem creating a PayPal account, but it is easy for Internet users who spend more time on the internet. The main issue while creating the PayPal account is Number verification. If you have a Valid and Your Own USA, UK, or another Country number then you can easily create a PayPal account in Pakistan.

It’s amazing if you have created your PayPal account in Pakistan. Now, we have to attach our bank account with PayPal. If you have a Pakistani Bank account, then you cannot connect with Papal because of its blocking. You will need a Payoneer account to connect it with PayPal. If you do have no Payoneer account, then you can read this post.

How to Make a Payoneer account in Pakistan

I hope that you have created the Payoneer account. Now it’s time to connect it with your PayPal account. once you have connected it then you can easily withdraw payments from any ATM in Pakistan.

Linking Payoneer account with PayPal account

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click on the “Link a Bank” account
  • You will need the Routing number or Bank account number
  • Both numbers will available on the Payoneer account.
  • Log in to Your Payoneer account & find the Routing and account number
  • Click on Activate option of US Payment Service
  • See the Receive Payment Options and click here
  • You will get US Virtual account Number and routing number here
  • write the Routing and Bank account number in PayPal where it was asked
  • You will receive a small deposit from your PayPal account to your Payoneer account.
  • It can take 2-3 days to receive
  • When you will receive Payment, then send it to your PayPal account again
  • You have successfully verified your PayPal account.

I Hope, friends, You will get PayPal and Payoneer account in Pakistan successfully. Now You can easily send and receive Money across the country and worldwide. You can use a Payoneer account in Pakistan, and also you can connect your Payoneer account with the JazzCash account. If you need any help then you can ask me here in the comments, I will guide you.


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