How to Make Upaisa Mobile Account – Upaisa App

Making a UPaisa Account is very easy. to create a UPaisa Account on a Ufone SIM or another network SIM Card you need to follow these steps. I will show you the complete method of both here.

Create Upaisa account on UFONE SIM

To create Upaisa Mobile Account Simply dial *786#. Enter 1 to agree on Terms and Conditions, on the next option enter your CNIC issuance date. Again dial *786# and enter your MPIN. Upaisa account will successfully be created.

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Dial *786#

Dial 1 to agree with Terms & Conditions

Enter your CNIC Issuance Date (DDMMYYYY)

How to Create Upaisa account on other SIM / Networks

If you want to create a UPaisa Account on another network SIM such as Jazz, Zong, Telenor or Warid, you will need the UPaisa App. Because you can’t create an account with *786#. It is also easy to create a UPaisa Account on another network. You can create by following the steps given below.

  1. Download Upaisa App from Play Store.
  2. Open it and press on new User
  3. Skip the “Upaisa Wallet Registration method”
  4. Enter Mobile number
  5. Enter CNIC Number and Issuance (date DD/MM/YY) and submit
  6. Select the Place of birth from the drop-down menu and mark on agreeing on the button and then submit
  7. You will receive an OTP message which will be verified automatically
  8. Enter 4 digit MPIN and submit
  9. Your Upaisa account successfully created.

Now here I will tell you to step by step to create a Upaisa Wallet account۔. If you don’t know “how to create a Upaisa Wallet account” then here is a complete method. which you can follow and can make a successful Upaisa account.

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9 Steps to Create Upaisa Wallet account

1. Download Upaisa App

Download and install the Upaisa app to create an account. your mobile phone should not be rooted because this app did not work on rooted mobile phones. download and open the app.

2. Open it and press on new User

2. Open it and press on new User

When you will open this app it will show two options. User can log in or can make a new account. because you are creating a new account so, tap on New User.

3. Skip the “Upaisa Wallet Registration method”

3. Skip the "Upaisa Wallet Registration method"

When you will click on New user here will be a guide provided by Upaisa. you can watch the complete video to know about the Upaisa app account creation guide and then click on the Skip option above the video.

4. Enter Mobile number

in this step, you have to enter your valid mobile number. You can use any network SIM card to make an account. But, your SIM card should be inserted into that mobile phone which you are using for creating an account.

5. CNIC Number and Issuance

Enter your CNIC number and your CNIC issuance date such as (DD/MM/YY). The issuance date will be available on the backside of your CNIC. Now tap on submit button.

6. Place of Birth

Here a new option will appear where you have to select your City / Area where you was born. Click on the Drop-down menu and choose the desired city. Below this, a terms & conditions option will appear. Mark on it by clicking on the terms & conditions box.

7. Auto OTP verification

You will receive an SMS with the OTP. If you have inserted your SIM Card on that mobile phone that you are using to make an account it will automatically verify OTP. if your SIM card is on other phones then you cannot verify your number. So, in the above steps, I told you to just insert the SIM card on your phone.

8. Create MPIN for your account

on the next screen, you have to create your Upaisa account MPIN. choose the MPIN for your account and submit it. But, keep remember this Pin because it will be used to login account. Never share your MPIN with anyone.

9. Account Successfully created

Now, your account has successfully created and you can use it. many people ask us will we get any signup bonus. I have created this account and I did not get any signup bonus. But if you will refer to your friends and family. When they will create an account you will get a bonus on every referral.

Like other small mobile bank accounts, Ufone is now offering this to its customers. If you also want to create your own Upaisa account, you can create a successful account by following the steps given below. You can easily send and receive money whether you are at home or office or anywhere in Pakistan.

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