Often we are worried about more than eighty things that petrol is taking away half of our life’s salary. Wherever we go, we only use the car. We will use our motorcycle or car if we have to go out on the street, in the neighborhood, in the house of relatives, in the house of friends, in the office, or in any other work.
When it comes to its price, rising petrol price in Pakistan is creating a lot of problems in our daily lives. It is very difficult for a poor person to bear the cost of petrol in a house where it is difficult to bake two meals a day. So if you have any type of car then you can save your money by reducing its petrol.

How to reduce the cost of Fuel with new and used cars

Here are some ways you can easily save fuel for your car.

Keep your car air-conditioned

Because when you close your car window, the air passages are closed. So during the journey, you have to run the AC of your car which uses a lot of petrol. So keep your car air-conditioned and its window open. Use the AC when needed or keep it off. This will definitely save you up to 30%.

Tune the car on time

Many people do not tune their car on time and this causes the filters of their car to turn off. When a car is moving, it needs a lot of air. If its filter is not cleaned or replaced in time, it will consume a lot of your petrol.

In addition to this, there are many problems in the car which if not checked every month, cause more damage. Do your best to change and clean your car’s air filters every month. Change the car’s mobile oil on time as it causes a lot of damage to the car’s engine. The lack of oil in the car causes a lot of damage to the piston as it gets too hot and starts to wear out. As a result, the vehicle uses a lot of mobile oil and petrol. Whether you have a motorcycle or a large vehicle, make sure you get it tuned every month.

Stop the engine on the spine.

There are often flyovers along the way when you are traveling. Stopping the car engine as it descends from the flyover can also save you fuel. Try to stop the car at such a time to save your petrol. Driving at the same speed can save a considerable amount of petrol. Many people drive at very high speeds and this also causes a lot of petrol consumption. Try to drive your car at the same speed so that your petrol is the same and your expenses are lower.

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