JazzCash Account has made many changes to provide better services to the growing number of customers. So, a few months ago Jazz has changed the payment sending rule for all JazzCash customers. JazzCash is being used very extensively in Pakistan. People in Pakistan use this account a lot to transact money, pay bills and pay fees, etc. The company has fixed a fee of up to Rs 20 per Rs 1,000 for withdrawal.

To withdraw money from our JazzCash account we can use our debit card and alternatively we can go to any JazzCash retailer. The company charges the tax on every withdrawal from retailers each time. Therefore retailers use their normal accounts to save their commission. By doing so, they do not have to pay taxes for receiving and sending money.

Because of this reason, JazzCash has changed the rules of sending and receiving payment. Now, every time from all local JazzCash accounts when customers will send money to any bank account exclude retailer account, it will take 30 minutes to receive in receiver account.

So, retailers cannot use these local accounts to receive payment because customers cannot wait for 30 minutes. Here is the best method to send fast payment in any account from the JazzCash account. This is causing a lot of problems for people. It has benefited people a lot and same harmed some people.

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How to Send Fast Payment from JazzCash Account Without waiting 30 minutes

Jazz customers can use the JazzCash app to instantly transfer money from their JazzCash account. Any money that is transferred through this app is immediately transferred to another person’s account and we don’t have to wait 30 minutes.

If you do not have a JazzCash app and you have not registered for this account through the app then you can register to this account easily. To register an account use the following method.

  • Isert the Jazzcash account SIM card into your mobile
  • Install the JazzCash app on your android and IOS device
  • Open it and and tap on register account
  • Enter your Jazzcash account number to start creating your app account
  • Enter your CNIC number & your CNIC issuense date and tap on next
  • Now, enter your account 4 digits password to create your onine Jazzcash account.
  • Your account will successfully registered.

Jazz never charges fees to send and receive money in any JazzCash account to JazzCash account. But it will charge Rs.20 PKR on withdrawal of every Rs.1000 PKR from retailers and debit cards.

Always use the JazzCash app to send money from your JazzCash account instead of dialing *786# to send money. When you will send money from your account using shortcode *786# then it will take 30 minutes to receive in the account. If your money has been transferred to an incorrect account or you can’t wait for 30 minutes then you can cancel the money sent from your account before 30 minutes.

To cancel the money you can use the JazzCash app and also can dial *786#. If you have sent money to a JazzCash account and you want to cancel this transaction then use this method.

How to cancel JazzCash transaction before 30 minutes?

  • Open the dialpad of your phone and dial *786#
  • Reply with 1 ‘Send money’ and send
  • Now, select 1 ‘Mobile Accounts’ and again send
  • Reply it with 4 ‘Cancel transaction’ to cancel the money
  • Now, choise the transaction from the given list and enter your password.
  • You transaction will be cancelled immeditily.

This is the best method to send payment anywhere in Pakistan from the JazzCash account. If you have any issues then you can ask in the comments. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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