Easypaisa is a mobile phone digital banking system in Pakistan and people use this network to send and receive money and for other many benefits. Here I will tell you about International payment receiving in the Easypaisa account. Many people who work abroad need to send their salary to their family in their country.

Because of that, there is a huge collection of non-educated people so, people do not know the banking systems. If you are working abroad like in UAE or Saudia Arab and any other country or you want to send money to Pakistan on an Easypaisa account then read this post fully.

Digital payment sending and receiving in Pakistan are much faster and more transformative than ever before. With the EasyPaisa app, you can now send and receive money anywhere you want. Whether it’s submitting an online fee or paying a tax, you can now do it all online from home.

Telenor introduced the EasyPaisa account in Pakistan and it could be used only on Telenor SIM in the past but now you can use it on any network SIM. You only need to have your original CNIC card to create this account. You can create your account for free by visiting any retailer or Telenor office.

How to Receive Money in Easypaisa app from Abroad

If you have an EasyPaisa account then you can easily receive money from abroad. To receive the money you will need the IBAN number of your account.

All you have to do is install the EasyPaisa app which is available on any Android or iPhone store. Login to the account and if the account is not created, you can easily open the account by typing your national identity card number in the app and providing whatever they ask for.

Now we are going to show you the method by which you can receive money from abroad in your account. First of all, you need to have an account log in on the EasyPaisa app. Then open the app and go to account.

After going to account settings you have to click on profile. Clicking on it will get you the IBAN number of your account as shown in the picture.

Provide the IBAN number to the sender and say them to send money to this account. The sender will send money to your provided IBAN number. While sending you will need to provide your full registered account Title/Name because the sender will need to verify the Account by the name & Title.

The money will be received in your account in 5 working days. International remittances always take the time to process sending and receive payment So wait a few days. If you have received the money in your account in more than 7 days then you have to need to contact Easypaisa helpline number 3737.

How to Send Money to any Easypaisa account to Bank Account?

It is very easy to send money from your Easypaisa account to someone’s bank account. You can send money by using the dialing the code and the second method is by using the Easypaisa app.

Send money from Easypaisa App to Bank Account

  • Go to the app and log in to your account
  • Tap on send money
  • Enter the mobile number of the payment receiver
  • Select the bank from the given list
  • Enter the account number with branch number & IBAN number
  • Enter the amount and verify the account by the account name/Title
  • See the fee and other details and tap on the send button

After doing this all you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone. The money receiver will also receive a confirmation SMS with a TID number. Keep in mind that the first 3 to 4 transactions are free after it you will be charged Rs.10 per transaction.

Send money to any Bank account using Easypaisa account by the shortcode

Those people who do have not the Easypaisa app available and don’t know of this app can use this method to send money on any Easypaisa number, JazzCash account, and any other Bank account in Pakistan. Follow these steps to send money by dialing one code from your Telenor SIM.

  • Dial *786# from your Telenor SIM to open the account menu
  • Reply with 1 to send money
  • Again reply with 2 to send money on Bank account
  • Select the bank and reply to it with a number by the list
  • Enter the bank account number of the receiver and tap on send
  • Now, Enter the contact number of the receiver
  • Verify account by matching the account name/Title
  • Enter MPIN of 5 digits and send money

You will receive a confirmation SMS of payment sent. Please save the TID in the message that you received for the tracking. If there is any issue with your account or money is not received in another party’s account then you can use this TID for tracking the issue.

How to cancel Transaction in Easypaisa?

We cannot give a guaranty that the payment will return to your account. If payment is not received in the receiver account then here is the chance you can get back your transaction amount.

  • Dial *786# from your Telenor SIM
  • Reply it with 6 “My Account”
  • Select the 5 “Cancel money”
  • Enter the receiver mobile number
  • Enter the MPIN and send
  • The transaction amount will be reversed into your account in 2 hours.

Is there any Swift Code of Telenor Easypaisa account?

No, you have not need to enter a swift code to send and receive the payment in the Easypaisa account. Just enter the account IBAN number and send payment. The payment will receive in 5 to 10 working days to your accounts.

What is the Easypaisa helpline number?

Telenor customers can dial 3737 from their SIM and other networks users can call at 042-111-003-737.

Easypaisa Contact Details

Telenor Helpline3737
Non-Telenor Users Helpline042-111-003-737
Account Opening Code*786#
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