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How to Start Blogging in 2020 | A Complete Guide to Start Blogging

There is nothing wrong with blogging, but if you want to write, or have a detailed description of something, you can be a 100% successful blogger.
Writing a blog and an article is not a difficult task. You have decided first what topic do you want to write about. Anyone who can think can write an article. Allah Almighty has endowed man with intellect and consciousness and most human beings in the world have understanding. So every sensible person can write a blog. The main issue is the manner by which to articulate your thoughts and bring in cash.

The composition of fledglings is juvenile while the composition of experienced and long time journalists is showing signs of improvement with each article. Here’s a simple method to compose a blog. You should attempt it and encourage others in the event that you succeed.

How to Start Blogging?

Here are some points which you can follow and then you can learn about Blogging.
Just Prepare for yourself and Read it carefully.

1. Select Topic/Niche

  1. Select a Topic for Example “How to start a blog“.
  2. Now Write the things that come to mind about the topic in the form of points.
  3. When you have noted all the points, then convert them into complete sentences. I write the sentences that come to my mind here.
For Example, My Points are these:
  • What is Blogging?
  • How to Start a Blog?
  • What is required to start blogging?
  • How to select a niche for blogging?
  • How to Write to Posts?
  • Choose Blogging Platform
  • Choose Domain Name
  • How to publish a post
and etc. these were Examples for topic points. Now it depends on you that what about you write on blogging. These were ideas for you and next is “Hosting and Domain Selection“.

2. Domain Name Selection

You have to decide which Domain is best for your blog. if You are making a blog about “Stat a Blog” your domain name will match exactly with Blog word. for Example, You can buy “” “” etc and it should decide to you that which Domain is Best.

3. Which Hosting is Best for Blogging?

Many people have this question that which hosting company is best for your blog. I will suggest that if you are new in blogging and you have not any idea that how to start a blog and how much take time to become a Successful blogger then You should not invest in blog Hosting.

For Blog Starters, I will suggest you to Use for Start there first time Blogging. Because it is Free and you can get practice from this. When you will do your Complete blogging course and you have learned everything about blogging then you can migrate to hosting or WordPress.

WordPress is Best for Blogging because there are a lot of features, Thousands of Themes, plugins and much more. You have full control on your blog or website when you will WordPress

but if you use Blogging then there is never a control blog in your hands. you have just Write Posts and Publish Them and You can only edit themes in it.

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