How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transactions in HBL

How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transaction in HBL

If you have an HBL Visa Card or MasterCard, you must shop online at it. If you do not use it for online shopping, you should turn it off. So that your money can be safe.

HBL Bank is widely used in Pakistan and a few years ago it was also called the King of Pakistan. But now due to higher rates, the public has reduced its use, but large companies, business people, and people with salaries use it a lot. This bank is a bit expensive, but its futures are very strong, which hardly any other bank can give.

So if you have an HBL debit card and a VISA or Master Card logo on it, you can easily shop online with it.
The way to turn it off or On is also very simple, which I will tell you below.

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How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transactions in HABIB Bank Limited

To do this, you must have the HBL Digital app on your mobile phone or have an online banking account. If you do not have a mobile phone, and you want to log in to your account on the desktop, then you can do this. Those users who do have not an HBL internet banking account can sign up from HBL’s official website HBL – Internet Banking (

Just click on the link and your browser will show you the HBL internet banking page. Click on the signup button to create an account. Follow me to create an HBL internet banking account online from a Mobile phone or desktop.

Create HBL Internet Banking Account

  1. Open the HBL internet banking website & click on the Signup button
  2. Firstly, Enter your CNIC number If you have an ID then enter it or click on next
  3. Now, Enter the HBL Debit card number or its PIN and click on next
  4. On the third step, enter your mobile phone or email address for verification
  5. Now, In last, you have to set up your account password
  6.  After completing this step your account will be created and you can now access it online through the app and website.

Always use Internet Explorer to open the website to log in to your HBL account. If you have never installed any Virus scanner or Internet security tool then always keep care. Use only trusted devices and Internet browsers to open your account. I’ll suggest you use an Internet security tool before login into your account.

Now, log in to your HBL account by entering the username or ID of your account and entering the password. After going to the HBL account dashboard you will see a menu on the left side. Click on the services button as shown in the screenshot.

There will show a Card Management option. Click on it and your debit card options will appear on the screen. You can now manage your account from this tab. Now, there is two option which one is View Details and the second is Manage Card.

Click on the manage Card button and then click on E-commerce transaction. If you are using a desktop On the right side, a new card manage option will appear. Click on the button to turn on the debit card.

You will receive a Time Password on your given mobile phone or email. Enter it here to confirm the activation of  E-commerce transactions. If you want to deactivate or OFF this then again click on the switch on/OFF button. You will receive an SMS that your Debit Card online E-commerce transactions are disabled.

What are the Benefits Keep Disabling the E-commerce Transactions?

In fact, there are many websites and things in this world of the internet that can access your card without any OTP. When shopping online we have to enter our card number, expiration date, and our CVV code which is a very sensitive thing. Such information should not be known to anyone else because anyone who has this information can easily use the money online.

So, always be careful and keep your debit card information secure. If you feel that someone knows your account or Debit card info then first of all turn off this card online transaction by following the above-given method. Then you can request a new card by calling or going to your Bank Branch. I hope that you understand all about this information and turning off the HBL debit card. If you need any type of all help you can ask us in the comments.

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Written by SaleemBaloch

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