IF you are using the Huawei router HG8346M or a similar to this type of router in your home, office, or shop then this post can help you to filter connected users. In these modern days, People can get easily our WIFI passwords from different sources.

Now, Android has launched a new WIFI option in which connected WIFI mobile will generate a QR code which we have a need to scan to connect the WIFI on any other device or mobile. So, if we connect our WIFI to any friend and family mobile phone then they can easily check its password without an app or other software.

With the new android update, we can easily check the WIFI password of any connected WIFI with just one QR code. To do so, we have a need to open the WIFI settings and on the saved WIFI there will be QR code appear. You can scan these QR codes online and it will show the password of your connected WIFI. So, with this step, we can share connected WIFI passwords with anyone. It is not safe for those who have WIFI at their shops, home, and offices.

Block unknown Users on Huawei Router HG8346M

Here I will tell you about Huawei router HG8346M Wifi filter settings that can help you to stop unwanted WIFI users to connect with your device while having a password. In these settings not much more people know so, they worry to save their WIFI passwords. If you know about WIFI router Mac filtering settings then you have not to need to set up any password on your device for connecting.

If someone tries to connect your Wifi device from their mobile phone or WIFI then they cannot do this. He will not be able to connect to your Wi-Fi unless you enter the MAC address of his mobile or any other device into your router. To do so follow the settings step by step as I am telling you below with screenshots.

Huawei Router HG8346M WIFI Users Filter Settings

Open your laptop/computer/mobile browser and open the HG8346M page. You can enter its IP address in the URL bar and its login option will appear here.

Enter your Huawei HG8346 router login and password. The default login and password of HG8346M are given below which you can check one by one.


Try these usernames and passwords on your Huawei WIFI router to open the admin menu. If you are unable to log in to your account then you can check its default username and password from your device backside. An alternative way is to contact your internet service provider who gives you this device.

After opening this IP and login into your account you will redirect to your router device information page as shown in the screenshots.

You can check the connected WIFI users and their device information like IP address, Status, Device type, and MAC address by opening the user device information tab which is located in the left column list. Note your own connected devices MAC address from this list to whitelist them.

Now, open the security settings to add your device’s MAC address to the whitelist. After opening the security page now, click and open the ‘WLAN MAC Filter Configuration”.

After opening this tab the new options will appear on the screen. Now, Enable the WLAN MAC Filter Settings and choose the filter mod ‘Whitelist’. If you want to block any MAC address then you can choose the blacklist in filter mod. After choosing the blacklist which mac address you will add here that device will never connect with your WIFI router.

So, to prevent connecting extra or known users to connect with your router choose the whitelist filter. Now, add all MAC addresses of your devices to which you want to connect. After enabling this option only those devices will be connected with your WIFI which device MAC address is added in the whitelist.

If someone has your WIFI password and he/she wants to connect their device, they will never succeed. You can now keep your WIFI as an open network and because it is now safe. No one can connect with your WIFI without your permission whoever if they have your WIFI password.

I hope that you have done these all steps and done keep safe your router. If you have any issues related to this router then you can comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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