Google and Kantar, a global data analytics company, have released ‘Journey to Digital’ research on Pakistan’s online behavior. According to this study, 54% of the population of Pakistan is using the Internet, half of the users use the Internet daily. 76% of Pakistanis belong to three major cities namely Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. E-commerce has boosted the economy, with more than a third of people shopping online once.
A quarter of consumers increased their purchases during the lockdown due to Code 19.66% of Internet users living in urban areas while 47% live in rural areas.

The majority of non-Internet users do not have access to the Internet. The unavailability of a device that works on the Internet and the lack of a reliable Internet connection is also major obstacle. According to a new study, in 2021, at present, Pakistan has 54% of the population using the Internet, of which about half the population uses the Internet daily.

E-commerce has boosted the economy, with more than a third of Internet users shopping online at least once. According to the key points of the research, the spread of the internet in the year 2021 is 54% out of which 76% of Pakistanis connected to the internet belong to three big cities namely Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi / Islamabad. In addition, a total of 66% of Internet users live in urban areas and 47% in rural areas.

According PTA Internet Users, Revenue in 2021, 2022

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said in a statement yesterday that the number of Internet users in Pakistan? The PTA said that the number of broadband subscribers in the country has reached 100 million. The number of broadband subscribers was less than 2 million in 2021. But with the introduction of 3G technology in Pakistan, the number of broadband subscribers in the country had reached 16 million.

As per the PTA, around 87% of the country’s populace as of now approaches broadband administrations at amazingly low rates. Signal supporters disturb versatile administrations and PTA is taking action against unlawful sign sponsors. The PTA Act 1996 precludes the utilization of illicit sign supporters and conveys a punishment of 3 years detainment and a fine of Rs 1 million.

The revenue of the telecom sector has reached Rs. 537 billion in the year 2020. According to PTA’s annual report, by 2020, the number of broadband subscribers has reached 90 million and the number of mobile phone subscribers has reached 172 million, while 2.2 million people are using fixed telecom services.

At present, 87% of the country’s population has access to telecom services while 13% of the population lacks internet and telecom facilities. Overall broadband subscriptions have increased by 175% in the last 5 years. At the local level, 4G device manufacturing increased by 34%.

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