Jazz 4G Device Packages (2021) Daily Weekly & Monthly


Jazz and Warid customers both are enjoying highest speed 3G/4G internet since they merged. Jazz has introduced Jazz 4F devices and Jazz MBB Device, Wifi and Mifi Wingle which have wifi option. You can use the internet from these devices on your PC and Laptops and also if you have a 3G mobile phone then you can play 4G speed internet in it with Jazz 4F Wifi device.

With the Jazz Basic monthly internet package, user can enjoy 30GB internet for 30 days in just Rs.999 on Jazz 4G devices and Jazz Data SIMs. User will available free 30 GB internet for 30 days in which 15GB can be useable from 1 am to 9 pm. If you are looking for monthly starter packages of Jazz WIFI device packages then choose this package.

Jazz 4G Device Packages

Jazz Basic Package
15GB + (15GB 1am-9pm)
Rs. 999
30 Days
Jazz Regular Package
30GB + (30GB 1am-9am)
Rs. 1500
30 Days
Monthly Mega Offer
50GB + (50GB 1am-9am)
Rs. 2000
30 Days
Heavy Package
75GB (75GB 1am-9am)
Rs. 2500
30 Days
Jazz 3 Months Data Bundle
Rs. 4000
3 Months
6 Months 75GB Bundle
Rs. 10,000
6 Months

If you will buy Jazz regular data bundle in Rs.1500 then you will receive 3GB extra for free as a gift offer. from, Jazz Data SIM offers you will avail always discount prices and cheap offers.

Jazz 4G Devices, Wifi, MIFI, Data SIM and MBB Device Monthly Packages and offers

Jazz has only a few monthly data sim packages which can be used on any Jazz MIFI, Wingle and MBB device. here is the list of some monthly offers.

4G Basic Offer:

With jazz 4G basic offer you will avail 30GB Data in RS.999 which you can use for 30 days. 15GB Data will be usable from 1 am to 9 pm and 15GB data can be used anytime. If you are looking for Jazz cheap data SIM offer the activate the Jazz 4G Basic offer by dialling *117*71#. To check the remaining MB dial *117*71*2#.

Jazz 4G regular Bundle:

Jazz 4G wingle users can subscribe Jazz 4G Regular offer in RS.1500 by dialling *117*73#. They will get 60GB data on jazz MBB Device or any 4G device for 30 days. mostly Jazz lovers always activate this offer. 30 GB data will be usable from 1 am to 9 am or remaing 30GB can be used anytime.

Monthly Mega offer:

Dial *117*36# and activate the monthly 4g mega offer in Rs. 2000. User will get 100GB internet for 30 days. to check the remaing Jazz Mega offer dial *117*36*2#. 50Gb will be usable from 1 am to 9 am.

4G Heavy Package:

With jazz 4G heavy data bundle user can get 150GB Data for 30 Days in RS. 2500 PKR. This offer will be usable on all Jazz 4G Devices Mifi, Wifi and Wingles. To subscribe Jazz Heavy Package dial *117*74#. 75GB data will be usable from 1 am to 9 am and 75GB will be usable for 24 Hours.

Jazz 4G Device 3 month Package

with the 3 months jazz 4G device package user can get 36GB data in Rs.4000 by dialling *117*15#. offer will be activated same time when user will dial this code. Jazz Mifi and wifi Users can enjoy this offer for the next 90 days. To check the remaing MB dial *117*15*2#.

Jazz 4G 6 Months Data SIM Offer

Those users who want to activate Jazz 4G Data SIM Package for a long time they can use 6 Month Data Bundle which will give you 75GB Data. To subscribe Jazz 6 Months, Data SIM Offer dial *117*16# from MBB device or Wingle. The recharge will require Rs. 4000 PKR. You can use this offer for 6 months. To check the remaining Dial *117*16*2#.

There are three types of Jazz internet devices.

  1. Jazz super 4G WiFi
  2. Super 4G wingle
  3. Jazz Home WiFi.

With the 4G speed up to 150Mbps Jazz super 4G WiFi device comes with the good battery capacity 2300 mAh. You can use Wifi when if you have not light. with Jazz Super 4G Wingle you can connect 12 Multiple devices at the same time with this. With the Jazz Home WiFi offers, you will get long-range WiFi at your home and office.

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