Jazz Call Packages – Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

jazz call packages

After joining Warid, Jazz has been used by 55 million users at this time. Jazz is trying to provide better services to its users. It keeps on introducing good packages to its customers all the time, which is why many Pakistanis obey this network. Jazz has the very cheapest call packages. Jazz Internet Packages are also very cheap you can get 10GB of the Internet for 7 days in just a load of Rs.100. No other network will give you such an offer. Below are some Good Call Packages and their prices with a Complete subscription code and other details.

Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Mobilink Jazz hourly call packages are very cheap you can get 2 hours on-net minutes in only 5 rupees. Only those who talk a little do these packages activate. That’s why there is not so much cut on these packages.

Jazz Ghanta Offer:

From jazz Ghanta offer you can get 120 Jazz Minutes in just 3 rupees+tax. The following details are below.

Jazz Lambi Baat offer:

From jazz lambi baat offer you can just make a call on one number. Dial *326# and do a call on any jazz number. 1st 3 Minutes charges will apply after continuing call after 3 minutes you will never charged next minutes. after ending call you will charge for the next call.

Jazz Student Offer:

Jazz Student offer you can get 2 hours jazz to jazz and Warid minutes. After dialing *3000# you can call for the next 2 Hours on any jazz and Warid number. The offer will end after 2 hours.

Jazz Lambi Baat
Rs.3 +TaxAfter 3 Minutes of call
Next Call will free.
*326#After Ending Call
Jazz Student
Rs.3 +Taxjazz/Warid Free Minutes
for the next 2 Hours + Free
Facebook for 2 Hours
*3000#Offer will expire
after 2 Hours
Jazz 12 Ghanty
Rs.6 +Tax250 Jazz & Warid Minutes   (12 AM to 12 PM)*281#Valid till 1 Day
(12 AM to 12 PM)
Jazz Hourly OfferRs.3 +TaxFrom this offer, you will
Get  next 2 Hours Jazz to
jazz and Warid free Calls.
*555#Next 2 Hours

Jazz Hourly Offer

From jazz hourly offer you can get 120 jazz and Warid minutes in just 3 rupees without tax. This offer is valid for all customers. To subscribe this offer dial *555#.

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Jazz Daily Call Package

There are people who want to call sometimes and that is why they consider the daily call package very good. To provide such service to such people, Jazz is a very cheap and easy package. From Jazz Daily Bundle you can get 10,000 Free Jazz Minutes, 50 Sms, or 20 Mbs free internet.

Jazz Har Din Offer

From jazz har din offer you can get 500 Free Minutes and 50 Free Mbs in just Rs.22 +Tax. you can use the offer for 24 Hours.

Super daily Offer

From a super daily offer, you can get free 300 minutes in just 17 rupees +tax. This offer is valid for all jazz customers.

Jazz Day Bundle

Jazz day bundle is the most famous and good package. From the jazz Day Bundle, You can get 10,000 Free jazz and Warid Minutes and 150 Sms and 20 Mbs free Internet. Below are all Daily Call packages details and Price Plans with all complete details.

Package Name                   PricePackage DetailsSubscription CodeValidity
Jazz Sindh PackageRs.7 +TaxFree 200 Onnet Minutes*522#1 Day (Same Day Mid-night)
Har Din PackageRs.22 +TaxFree 500 On-net Mins50 Mbs (2G only)*114*4#1 Day
Super Daily OfferRs.17 +TaxFree 300 on-net Minutes only*212#1 Day
LBC KPKRs.10 +TaxFree 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS, Free 100 Mbs*291#1 Day (Same Day Mid-Night)
Only Karachi OfferRs.10 +TaxFree 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS, Free 100 Mbs*400#1 Day (Same day Mid-Night)
Apna Sheher PackageRs.10 +TaxFree 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS100 Mbs*229#1 Day (Same Day Mid-Night)
Jazz Super F&F PackageRs.10 +TaxFree 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 100,000 SMS Only for (1 Super F&F Number)*141*F&F Number#1 Day
Jazz Punjab Package (Selected Areas Only)Rs.12 +TaxUnlimited On-net minutes, 250MB internet & 1000 SMS*6000#1 Day
Jazz Day BundleRs.7 +TaxFree 10,000 On-net Mints, Free 150 Sms and 20 MBS*340#1 Day (12 AM to 07 PM)

Some Packages are in selected areas only.

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Jazz Weekly Call Package

Jazz is no# 01 Network for call Users. Those people who want to buy cheap and weekly call package they can use these packages. because these packages are very cheap you can subscribe to the weekly call package at the lowest rate of 100 rupees. Here are some Packages which you can subscribe to and get the weekly cheap offers.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscription CodeValidity
Jazz Haftawar all  Rounder PackageRs.84 +TaxOn-net 700 Mins, Off-net 50 Mins, 700 Free Sms & 250 Mbs*747#7 Days
Jazz Haftwar OfferRs.85 +TaxOn-net 1000 Mins, 1000 free SMS & Free 100 Mbs*407#7 Days
Jazz New Sim OfferRs.99 +TaxOn-net 1500 Mins, 1500 Sms & 1500 free Mbs*989#7 Days
Jazz Weekly HybridRs.115 +TaxOn-net 1000 Mins, 20 Off-net Mins, 1000 Sms & 500 Mbs*407#7 Days
Jazz weekly (all Network Package)Rs.160 +TaxOn-net 1000 Mins, 50 Off-net Mins 1000 Free Sms & Mbs*700#7 Days
Jazz weekly Super Duper OfferRs.210 +TaxOn-net 1500 Mins, 60 Off-net Mins 1500 Free Sms & 3000 Mbs*770#7 Days

From Jazz Super Duper offer you can get free 1500 on-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 1500 All Networks Sms and 3 GB Free Internet. This offer is for 7 days.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Whenever you hear about any new offer, first of all, you will see the jazz network. There are currently 56 million Jazz subscribers who are growing daily. And the reason for all this is only the best Packages of this network. Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Hourly Package along with Monthly Package are also very good and cheap from other networks.

You can get 10,000 Free On-net Minutes and 1000 Free Sms in just Rs.444 Rupees. It has a Super Duper offer where you can get 3000 On-net or 150 Off-net Minutes Which is very much for a person.  

Package Name Price DetailsSubscription
Jazz monthly Hybrid
Rs.444 +TaxOn-net 10,000 Mins  (333 Mins/Day, Sunday Unlimited), Off-net 50 Mins, 1000 Sms & 1GB Internet*430#30 Days
Jazz Monthly All-Rounder
Rs.596 +TaxAll-Networks 200 Mins,  1500 Sms & 5GB Internet*2000#30 Days
Monthly Super DuperRs.577 +TaxOn-net 3000 Mins, Off-net 150 mins, 3GB Internet, 3000 Sms*706#30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Monthly
Rs.600 +TaxOn-net 2000 Mins, Off-net 150 Mins, 2000 SMS & 2GB Free Internet Data*601#30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Plus
Rs.977 +TaxOn-net 5000 Mins, 300 Off-net Mins, 5000 Sms & 10 GB Free Internet*707#30 Days
Jazz Sim Lagao OfferRs.0.06 +TaxOn-net 3000 Mins, 3000 SMS & 1500 Mbs*551#30 Days

Jazz Hybrid Bundle

With this bundle, all users can get On-net 10,000 Mins  (333 Mins/Day, Sunday Unlimited), Off-net 50 Mins, 1000 SMS & 1GB Internet at the cheapest rate of Rs.444 PKR for 30 days. If you want to activate this offer you will need to dial *430#. After subscribing to this offer you will receive all free resources for 30 days.

Jazz Other Call Packages

These were some Jazz Packages and we hope these all Packages you will like. Jazz is a massive name when it comes to the telecom networks in Pakistan. As the Daily, Weekly or Monthly call packages are cheap same other Packages of Jazz are cheap and affordable.

From the Jazz 3 Days Bundle you can get 500 Free Mobilink Minutes in Just Rs. 36 +Tax. Same with the Haftawar Offer you can get 700 Jazz and Warid Minutes, 250 Mbs Free Internet, and 50 Free Off-net Minutes for 7 Days. to subscribe to this offer you can dial *407# from your Jazz Number it will cost Rs.75 +tax and you will need a recharge of Rs.98. If you want to Unsubscribe from this offer you can dial *407*4#.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscription
Jazz Gold Super
Advance Offer
Rs.07 +taxOnly Jazz Gold Users can
Get Advance od 30 Rupees
Jazz 3 Day BundleRs.36 +taxFree On-net 500 Mins*211#3 Days

With the “Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer” you can talk with your lovers, families, and friends and can get free 10,000 On-net Minutes, 10,000 Sms on all Networks and 1000 MBs Free Internet for 30 Days. You can Subscribe This offer by dialling *430# in Just Rs.390 +Tax.  to check remaining Minutes and Sms you can dial *430*2#.

Final Words:

Jazz is a very popular and affordable Network that has 55 Million Subscribers and it continues to increase its more customers with jazz sasta call packages and Jazz Free Internet. When you will buy a new Sim Jazz will give you Free Internet and Free Sms & Minutes.

You can Buy its cheapest Call packages to talk with your friends, families, and others. Every Bussinesman has Jazz Network just for its good courage and its affordable packages.  

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