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jazz call packages
After merging with Warid, Mobilink made more than 67 million customers in 2023 and changed its call from Mobilink to Jazz. Because it is the No.1 network in Pakistan, people use this for calling, 4G fastest internet and SMS, Here, we will describe all Jazz call packages for 1 day, 3 days, monthly, 30 days, hourly and weekly list. After subscribing to Jazz call packages, customers can talk with their friends and family and can save money while making the call. Prepaid and postpaid customers can call on any other Jazz network for free after activating the Jazz on-net call packages.

How to get Jazz Call Packages 2023

Jazz has the very most cost-effective call packages. Jazz Internet Package is additionally very low-cost you will get 10GB of the Web for 7 days for only a load of Rs.100. With these packages, customers can talk with their friends and family without any hassle and extra activation charges.

Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Mobilink Jazz hourly call packages are very low-cost you will get 2 hours of on-net minutes for 5 rupees. From the jazz Ghanta offer, you will get 120 Jazz Minutes for simply 3 rupees+tax. Dial *555# to activate any call package daily and weekly at the lowest costs.

Jazz Scholar Package:

Jazz Scholar package you will get 2 hours of jazz to jazz and Warid minutes. After subscription to this bundle, you’ll be able to call for the subsequent 2 Hours on any jazz and Warid quantity. The offer will finish after 2 hours.
Package deal Price Particulars
Jazz Lambi Baat Package Rs.5 +Tax After 3 Minutes of the call, The subsequent Call can be free.
Jazz Scholar Bundle Rs.5 +Tax Jazz/Warid Free Minutes for the subsequent 2 Hours + Free Fb for two Hours
Jazz 12 Ghanty Package deal Rs.6 +Tax 250 Jazz & Warid Minutes   (12 AM to 12 PM)
Jazz Hourly Offer Rs.3 +Tax From this Offer, you’ll get the subsequent 2 Hours of Jazz to jazz and Warid free Calls.

Jazz Hourly Call Package Code

From the jazz hourly call package, you will get 120 jazz and Warid minutes for simply 3 rupees without tax. This Offer is legitimate for all prospects.

Jazz Daily Call Packages deal

There are individuals who wish to call typically and that’s the reason they think about the day-by-day call package superbly. To offer such service to such folks, Jazz is a really low-cost and straightforward bundle. From Jazz Day by day Bundle, you will get 10,000 Free Jazz Minutes, 50 Sms, or 20 Mbs free web.

Jazz Har Din Offer

From the jazz har din Package you will get 500 Free Minutes and 50 Free Mbs for simply Rs.22 +Tax. you should utilize the Bundle for twenty-four Hours.

Daily On-Net Jazz Call Offer

From a brilliant day-by-day offer, you will get free 300 minutes for simply 17 rupees +tax. This package is legitimate for all jazz prospects.

Jazz Day Bundle

Jazz day bundle is probably the most well-known and good bundle. From the jazz Day Bundle, You will get 10,000 Free jazz and Warid Minutes and 150 Sms and 20 Mbs free Web. Under are all Day by day call packages particulars and Worth Plans with all full particulars.
Package deal Title                    Worth Package deal Particulars Subscription Code Validity
Jazz Sindh Package deal Rs.7 +Tax Free 200 Onnet Minutes *522# 1 Day (Similar Day Mid-night)
Har Din Package deal Rs.22 +Tax Free 500 On-net Minutes50 Mbs (2G solely) *114*4# 1 Day
Tremendous Day by day package Rs.17 +Tax Free 300 on-net Minutes solely *212# 1 Day
LBC KPK Rs.10 +Tax Free 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS, Free 100 Mbs *291# 1 Day (Similar Day Mid-Night time)
Solely Karachi package Rs.10 +Tax Free 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS, Free 100 Mbs *400# 1 Day (Similar day Mid-Night time)
Apna Sheher Package deal Rs.10 +Tax Free 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 1,500 SMS100 Mbs *229# 1 Day (Similar Day Mid-Night time)
Jazz Tremendous F&F Package deal Rs.10 +Tax Free 100,000 On-net Mints, Free 100,000 SMS Just for (1 Tremendous F&F Quantity) *141*F&F Quantity# 1 Day
Jazz Punjab Package (Selected Areas Only) Rs.12 +Tax Limitless On-net minutes, 250MB web & 1000 SMS *6000# 1 Day
Jazz Day Bundle Rs.7 +Tax Free 10,000 On-net Mints, Free 150 Sms and 20 MBS *340# 1 Day (12 AM to 07 PM)
Some Packages are in chosen areas solely.

Jazz Weekly Call Package and Deals

Jazz is not any# 01 network for call Customers who live in Pakistan. These individuals who wish to purchase low-cost weekly call bundles they’ll use these packages. as a result of these packages being very low-cost, you’ll be able to subscribe to the weekly call bundle at the lowest price of 100 rupees. Listed below are some Packages which you’ll subscribe to and get the weekly low-cost affords.
Package deal Title Worth Particulars Subscription Code Validity
Jazz Haftawar all  Rounder Package deal Rs.84 +Tax On-net 700 Minutes, Off-net 50 Minutes, 700 Free Sms & 250 Mbs *747# 7 Days
Jazz Haftwar package Rs.85 +Tax On-net 1000 Minutes, 1000 free SMS & Free 100 Mbs *407# 7 Days
Jazz New Sim Offer Rs.99 +Tax On-net 1500 Minutes, 1500 Sms & 1500 free Mbs *989# 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Rs.115 +Tax On-net 1000 Minutes, 20 Off-net Minutes, 1000 Sms & 500 Mbs *407# 7 Days
Jazz Weekly (all Community Package deal) Rs.160 +Tax On-net 1000 Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes 1000 Free Sms & Mbs *700# 7 Days
Jazz weekly Tremendous Duper package Rs.210 +Tax On-net 1500 Minutes, 60 Off-net Minutes 1500 Free Sms & 3000 Mbs *770# 7 Days
From the Jazz super Duper package you will get free 1500 on-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 1500 All Networks Sms, and three GB of Free Web. This offer is for 7 days.

Jazz Month-to-month Call Packages

Every time you hear about any new offer, initially, you will notice the jazz community. There are at the moment 56 million Jazz subscribers which is rising day by day. And the rationale for all that is solely the most effective Package of this community. Jazz Day by day, Weekly, and Hourly Package deal together with Month-to-month Package deal are additionally superb and low-cost from different networks. You will get 10,000 Free On-net Minutes and 1000 Free Sms for simply Rs.444 Rupees. It has a Tremendous Duper package you will get 3000 On-net or 150 Off-net Minutes Which could be very a lot for an individual.

Tremendous Duper Month-to-month Package deal

Jazz’s Super duper month-to-month bundle value elevated from Rs.600 PKR to Rs.636 PKR. The pay-as-you-go prospects can activate this bundle with a recharge of Rs.640 PKR. Dial *706# to activate this bundle just for pay-as-you-go prospects. All pay-as-you-go prospects who subscribe to this bundle will get 7 GB of web knowledge, 3000 Jazz to jazz minutes to make calls, 150 all networks voice call minutes, and 3000 textual content messages for 30 days. Clients are ready to make use of Social networks like Fb, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and so on. The costs are identified as proven in the desk. Clients can also activate this bundle from the Easypaisa app or JazzCash app.
Package deal Title  Worth  Particulars Subscription Code Validity
Jazz month-to-month Hybrid Bundle Rs.444 +Tax On-net 10,000 Minutes  (333 Minutes/Day, Sunday Limitless), Off-net 50 Minutes, 1000 Sms & 1GB Web *430# 30 Days
Jazz Month-to-month All-Rounder Package deal Rs.596 +Tax All-Networks 200 Minutes,  1500 Sms & 5GB Web *2000# 30 Days
Monthly Super Duper Rs.577 +Tax On-net 3000 Minutes, Off-net 150 minutes, 3GB Web, 3000 Sms *706# 30 Days
Jazz Tremendous Duper Month-to-month Card Rs.636 +Tax On-net 2000 Minutes, Off-net 150 Minutes, 2000 SMS & 2GB Free Web Knowledge *601# 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Rs.977 +Tax On-net 5000 Minutes, 300 Off-net Minutes, 5000 Sms & 10 GB Free Web *707# 30 Days
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Rs.0.06 +Tax On-net 3000 Minutes, 3000 SMS & 1500 Mbs *551# 30 Days

Jazz Hybrid Bundle

With this bundle, all customers can get On-net 10,000 Minutes  (333 Minutes/Day, Sunday Limitless), Off-net 50 Minutes, 1000 SMS & 1GB Web at the most cost-effective price of Rs.444 PKR for 30 days. If you wish to activate this Offer you have to dial *430#. After subscribing to this offer you’ll obtain all free sources for 30 days.

Jazz Mixed Call Packages

These had been some Jazz Packages and we hope these all Packages you’ll like. Jazz is a large identity with regard to the telecom networks in Pakistan. Because the Day by day, Weekly or Month-to-month call packages are low-cost similar different Packages of Jazz are low-cost and inexpensive. From the Jazz 3 Days Bundle, you will get 500 Free Mobilink Minutes for Simply Rs. 36 +Tax. Similar to the Haftawar package you will get 700 Jazz and Warid Minutes, 250 Mbs Free Web, and 50 Free Off-net Minutes for 7 Days. to subscribe to this offer you’ll be able to dial *407# out of your Jazz Quantity it is going to value Rs.75 +tax and you have to recharge of Rs.98. If you wish to Unsubscribe from this offer you’ll be able to dial *407*4#.
Package deal Title Worth Particulars Subscription Code Validity
Jazz Gold Tremendous Advance package Rs.07 +tax Solely Jazz Gold Customers can Get an Advance of 30 Rupees *113#
Jazz 3 Days Bundle Rs.36 +tax Free On-net 500 Minutes *211# 3 Days
With the “Jazz Month-to-month Hybrid package” you’ll be able to discuss along with your lovers, households, and mates and might get free 10,000 On-net Minutes, 10,000 Sms on all Networks and 1000 MBs Free Web for 30 Days. You may Subscribe to the offer by dialling *430# in Simply Rs.390 +Tax.  to verify the remaining Minutes and Sms you’ll be able to dial *430*2#.

Closing Phrases:

Jazz is a highly regarded and inexpensive Community that has 67 Million of Subscribers and it continues to extend its extra prospects with jazz sasta call packages and Jazz Free Web. When you’ll purchase a brand new Sim Jazz gives you Free Web and Free Sms & Minutes. You may purchase its most cost-effective Call packages to speak with your pals, households, and others. Each businessman has Jazz Community only for its good braveness and its inexpensive packages.

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