List of the Mobiles & Computer Market in Multan

If you live in Multan or thinking of traveling in Multan then this post is for you. Here I have described the top famous mobile phones and computer markets in Multan City. When a person first enters a city, it takes him a while to find things there. He does not know what will be found in this city. If you don’t know much about Multan markets then this post can help you. So read it carefully and choose the nearest center according to your area of residence and get informed about it.

Mobile phones are a necessity for everyone and if you move to a new place, you should know everything about mobile phones. There are 4 mobile markets in Multan from where you can repair your mobile phone, buy a new mobile phone, and sell.

List of the Mobiles & Computer Market in Multan

  1. Rehma Center Multan
  2. Hamid Commercial Center
  3. Mall Plaza, Cantt
  4. Chowk Kumhara Wala Market

1. Rehma Center Multan

It is called the largest mobile market in Multan as there are more than 100 mobile dealers and shops. This market is located near Ghantaghar, the most famous place in Multan, and right in front of the Kachehri. In this market, you can find all kinds of expensive, cheap, new and old mobile phones and their parts. Rahma Center is always crowded as it is the largest mobile market in Multan. This market has been established in Multan for more than 25 years.

People from around Multan and rural areas come to buy mobile phone repair equipment. When a company’s mobile phone is released, it comes first in the market. This is mostly due to the presence of more dealers here. The market is on the way from Kachehri Chowk to Ghantaghar Chowk. It is open from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In this big market of Multan, parking space is available inside the market. It is difficult to find a place to park a big car like a car etc. as there are hundreds of motorcycles here all the time. If a person brings a car, he does not have a place to park it, so they park it on the side of Majboora Road. If you ever want to come to this market, go on a bike.

2. Hamid Commercial Center, Mumtazabad

This market is also very popular in Multan. The market is located on Vehari Road and is more than 20 years old. In this market, you can buy computers, cameras, mobiles, and even other electronic items. Most mobile and computer stores are located in this market. You can also buy and sell new and old mobiles here.

This market is located right in front of Faisal Mukhtiar Park Mumtazabad. The market also has more than 100 mobile shops and more than 50 commuter and repair shops. From here you can buy laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile repairing equipment and accessories of any company. The market is located very close to BCG Chowk and in front of Mumtazabad Market.

In this famous market of Mumtazabad, parking is set up in front of shops. As it is located very close to the road, no parking place has been created. There is a full security alert so that no accidents occur. This market has 4 gates which are closed at the end of market time. There is a separate security guard in front of each gate. The market is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The market is closed on Fridays.

3. Mall Plaza, Cantt

This is the third-largest mobile phone market in Multan, Pakistan. You can buy and sell old and new mobile phones here. The Mall Plaza market is located in Multan Cantt near. Here you will find new mobiles and branded accessories from every company. Whenever a new mobile phone is released, it is definitely launched in this market. If you like the iPhone mobiles then it is the best place where you can find expensive and branded cell phones.

Near this market, Khan Plaza is a famous computer market. This is also located in Multan Cantt. The distance of both markets is only 1KM. From this plaza, you can easily find all kinds of computers and laptops. It is also a great place for computers, LCDs, and diapers. The market also has up to 100 shops.

Khan Plaza has two gates, one at Multan Cantt Chowk and the other at a small alley in Cantt. The parking system is not very special here. People park their cars in front of shops, which makes the passage a little shorter. If you go to this market, get on your bike because there is no parking space here.

There are many parking places in this market where you can park your car, and motorcycle, etc. It has three buildings, one in the lower building with reparation equipment and accessories and the other in the upper building where you can buy and sell new and used mobiles.

4. Chowk Kumhara Wala market

It has been 5 years since this market was established and even here people are more crowded at night. This square is located very close to Kamharawala. This market also has only one gate. There is a parking lot where you can park your bike and car. Security arrangements have also been well established here and besides, security cameras have also been installed.

In this market, you will find new and old mobiles which are guaranteed by the shopkeeper. Mobiles accessories, pouches, repairing facilities are available in this market. You can buy newly launched mobile phones here as there are many mobile dealers here.

Hope you have a good idea about these mobile and computer markets in Multan. As time goes by, updates on new markets in Multan will be updated here. Soon you will also get mobile market contact numbers so that you can get the latest updates over the phone.

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Written by SaleemBaloch

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