The Finance Minister Of Pakistan Shaukat Tareen has announced the federal budget for the year. In this budget, the govt has introduced Meri Gari Scheme. In this budget, customs and regulatory duties for vehicles up to 850cc have been abolished. Exemption from advance customs duty on existing vehicles and new models has also been given.

PM Meri Gari’s scheme was now rolled out in October 2021. Govt of Pakistan has decided to provide the Meri Car scheme online application system on So that poor people who want to get a car can easily get it. Candidates must have a driving license to apply for this scheme. We have given all information about Meri Gari Scheme in Urdu that you can read and can apply online.

Prime Minster Meri Gari Scheme Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has launched a scheme to provide relief to the people which will soon be visible to the Pakistani people. Due to high taxes on cars, their prices had gone up so much that Pakistanis were stopping buying cars. Due to the high price, their sales in the market started declining, which caused huge losses to the companies. The 2021-22 budget announces that taxes will now be reduced on all 800cc and 1000cc vehicles. So that all people can benefit from it and even low-income people can benefit from Meri Gadi Scheme 2023.

Download Meri Gari Scheme 2023 Application Form

A few days ago PM Imran Khan has announced this scheme in which you can get any type of vehicle for your work and home. This is the only announcement by Govt and at this time there is not any application option. We will publish here the meri Gadi scheme form which you can download from the below-given link. The PM of Pakistan has announced but did not start this scheme. It may be possible to get your own Car.

Benefits of this Scheme

Most of the lower class people will get more benefits from this scheme. People who want to own a car can make their own car with this offer. Through this scheme of the government of Pakistan, the interest rate in the meri Gadi scheme has been increased from 5% to 6% per cent. So that everyone can benefit from it and get the best ride for their family and business.

Proton Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023 after new Car Scheme

X70 Premium FWDPKR 4,990,000PKR 4,890,000PKR 100,000
X70 Execcutive AWDPKR 4,690,000PKR 4,590,000PKR 100,000
SAGA STD M/TPKR 1,975,000PKR 1,925,000PKR 50,000
SAGA STD A/TPKR 2,125,000PKR 2,075,000PKR 50,000
SAGA ACEPKR 2,225,000PKR 2,175,000PKR 50,000

Eligible and Requirments

  • All persons above the age of 20 years can avail of the vehicle under this scheme
  • This requires a bank account statement
  • Must have a Driving license for the Car & Bike
  • The participant in the scheme should have a Pakistani Govt CNIC
  • No debt of any kind
  • Govt and private employees can participate in this scheme.

How to Apply for Meri Gadi Scheme 2022?

You will soon find an update on Meri Gadi Scheme 2023 form here that citizens can apply for at home. The government has not yet provided complete information on how to apply online for the Meri Car scheme. This allows doctors, teachers, government employees, and private employees to easily get a car from 800cc to 1000 cc at the lowest possible interest rate of 5%. You will receive a form from the government in which the participant will need a copy of his complete ID card number, name, address, mobile number, and ID card of two to three people for responsibility.

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