Everyone wants to travel worldwide and starts looking for beautiful places on the Internet. But if you want to travel to Pakistan then I will tell you about some beautiful places where you should visit for enjoyment. There are four provinces of Pakistan and the Islamabad Capital Territory. So, here I will suggest you visit these famous and beautiful places.

Here is the list of Beautiful Places, Parks in Pakistan for Travellers, and for Trip with Family.

Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

1. Beautiful Places in Karachi

Karachi is the Largest City of Pakistan and it is the heart of Pakistan. Karachi is mostly a beautiful City and if You want to visit Karachi then must visit Quaid e Azam Mazar. People from all over Pakistan come to Karachi in search of employment because it is the largest city in all Pakistan. Let me also tell you that Karachi is the 6th largest city in the World, therefore, Many people came across the country for Travel and enjoyment here.

2. Swat Valley beautiful Places

Aside from the fact that it had an unpleasant past, the current situation and the end of the Swat Valley are very glorious. This amazing valley in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region is a mystery. Think of the lush green fields and backwoods, the beautiful cities, and the waterways that boast of the vivid and bright blue hues that you would never have imagined.

The real highlight of Swat can be found around the town of Kalam, which fills it as a base to explore the beauty of the valley. Here are 3 places you won’t miss in Swat Valley.

3. Manora Island

Manora is an island that is surrounded by water on three sides and connected to Karachi by a sand spit strip. If you came to Pakistan then come to this place. This place is safe for family trips and many people daily come here for picnics with their families.

4. Boyun Village

Boyun Village, otherwise known as the Green Top, is a short drive or sensible walk from the town of Kalam. By the time you, finally, arrive at the zenith, you will be rewarded with an exhibition in one of the largest and most lovely cities I have ever seen – alongside cleaning ideas in the valley below. Boyun is an easy road trip from Kalam.

5. Hunza Valley

If you live in Pakistan – or use something nationally – you are sure to pass the word Hunza. Try not to let the word ‘valley’ confuse you, however – Hunza is actually a very large area with a variety of valleys and cities. One section of the ancient Silk Road, here are some of the best things in Hunza.

6. Kandol and Spindhor Lakes

These high lakes lie two hours from Kalam. These days, Kandol Lake is open to the track of the jeep and is the most famous smidgen, but Spindhor must be reached on a two-hour journey. Whatever you decide to visit, both are considered to be a real part of Pakistan’s most beautiful landscapes.

7. Ushu Forest

These highly protected back trees are dotted with deodar trees and are an amazing place to get lost. The road leading to timberland continues through a few towns set by the river Kalam.

9. Attabad Lake

The unsightly lake is real… Even if you are standing right in front of it. Attabad became pregnant as a result of a major avalanche in 2010. The continuation of the Hunza River was interrupted, and the now-known lake was formed. Its beautiful blue waters make it one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

10. Eagle Nest

Need to see one of the best discs in Hunza village? Head to the Eagle’s Nest for about an hour! The name comes from the upscale inn/eatery nearby, however, you can drive to the view without going there.

10. Yarkhun Valley

Aside from the fact that it is often incomprehensible and impossible to remember compared to the most famous places in Pakistan, I think Yarkhun Valley was the most beautiful place I have ever visited in the nation. Located in the upper Chitral region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Yarkhun admits its mountains and innocent towns.

Arriving in the village, which extends a few miles beyond the authoritative town of Mastuj, requires a lot of hard work if you are not in your car. If you happen to have it anyway, travel is not really bad – just get ready for the usual dirt roads!

11. Phander Lake

Pander Lake, located in Pander Village, is absurd. The lush green pond sits quietly among the bright green trees that fit the scene. Despite its extreme charm, Pander Lake does not see any area as close to the number of tourists as it makes Attabad Lake very famous.

During the 4 days I spent in Poland releasing the ocean, I did not find anyone to see. If you might visit, I strongly recommend that you stay at Lake Inn, which is a short vacation and charges 1,000 rupees per night. In addition, there is a very expensive PTDC (5,000 rupees) that ignores the lake, but the friendship and encouragement at Lake Inn are very dominant.

12. Broghil Valley

Located farther north near the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan, the Broghil Valley was previously open only for travel or on horseback. Nowadays, the once-buried area can be reached by a misleading jeep track – yet it still gets a lot of tourists within a few months of being booked under several days of rest.

From now on, even if outsiders are allowed to visit Broghil it is dangerous. (In case you are not moving, be sure to check with the Office of the Deputy Commissioner in Chitral before making the trip there.) But Pakistanis – if you have no problem go see this beauty! The valley is home to a variety of high-rise lakes, yaks, and lush green fields, all of which point to a state of emotional instability that rises more than 13,000 feet [13,000 m].

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