Check the latest Nayatel Internet Connections Charges & Plans 2023. If you live in Pakistan then you must need internet packages of Nayatel & PTCL. This is the second-largest fiber internet connection provider in Pakistan. Nayatel is offering unlimited internet packages for all plans.

If you are looking for the fastest internet in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi then it is the best ISP in Pakistan. They offer internet connection from 10Mbps to 100Mbps internet speed connections. The prices of their connections are very low cost that anyone can afford them.

Nayatel is trying to reach every city in Pakistan so that everyone can enjoy its services. With a 10Mbps internet connection, customers can use unlimited internet at the cheapest monthly rate of Rs.1500/month.

If you want to apply for a new connection then you have to need to contact their official website. Where the company will contact you in 3 working days after receiving your message on the website. Now, I will show you here its internet package details with speed and monthly cost. You can get these connections for your home, office, and shop.

Nayatel Unlimited Internet Connections 2023

10 MbpsRs. 1,599/monthUnlimited
15 MbpsRs. 1,999/monthUnlimited
20 MbpsRs. 2,399/monthUnlimited
25 MbpsRs. 2,799/monthUnlimited
30 MbpsRs. 3,299/monthUnlimited
50 MbpsRs. 4,999/monthUnlimited
70 MbpsRs. 7,299/monthUnlimited
100 MbpsRs. 9,999/monthUnlimited

These plans are available for Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Hyderabad, and Lahore. If you live in Multan, DG Khan, KPK, Sahiwal and other areas then wait. Nayatel is increasing its courage in Pakistan to give fast internet facilities in all of Pakistan. When you activate these packages you are the freedom to use data as much as you want can. There is not any usage or time limit. Everything is unlimited with the fastest internet connection.

100Mbps Connection

With a 100Mbps connection, customers have avail unlimited fiber internet in which they can browse and stream with unlimited usage. There is not any time block system that stops customers to use the internet. Monthly Nayatel 100Mbps connection charges are Rs.9,999 PKR including taxes. Its installation charges are Rs.10,000 PKR for the first time only that you can pay in cash and if did not afford it then the company allows the customer’s installation method. You can pay for its installation Every month. Its average speed is 13Mbps to 15Mbps.

70Mbps Connection

Nayatel’s 70Mbps connection monthly fee is Rs.7,299 PKR. You have to need to pay Rs.10,000 PKR in advance for the installation of a new connection. If you have already a cable connection and have a device then it is possible that they can discount you 50%. It depends on your router device and cable type. Nayatel’s 70Mbps connection actual internet speed is noted above 10Mbps and below 13Mbps. Its usage is unlimited as I tell you above that Nayatel all plans have unlimited usage.

50Mbps Connection

Nayatel offers 50Mbps connection in offices, homes, and workplaces by fiber connections. If you do have no internet connection and you want to install a new connection at your home, workplace, school, college, or office then you can call their helpline and also can order a new connection on their website.To get this connection you need to pay its installation charges of Rs.6000 PKR which the first month is free and next month you will pay Rs.4,999 PKR per month. Customers have not need any type of contract signup for this connection. Just order them for a new connection and after paying the fee they will start installing the connection of the internet in 7 days of working.

Similarly, there are 10Mbps to 30Mbps connections remaining to explain. These are the smaller connections and their price is given above in the table. Nayatel is offering unlimited internet with installation charges of Rs.5000 PKR for 10Mbps, 15Mbps, 20Mbps, 25Mbps, and 30Mbps connections10Mbps connection monthly charges are Rs.1599/month, a monthly fee of 15Mbps connection is Rs.1,999 rupees, 20Mbps connection price is 2,399 PKR per month, 25Mbps monthly fees 2799 rupees and 30Mbps connection price is Rs.3,299 PKR per month.


What are the installation charges if I already have a cable connection and Wi-Fi router device?

If you are already a member of Nayatel and, for any reason, you have left it you can resume your internet connection again after paying monthly fees. The new connection charges are Rs.10,000 including monthly rent.

How much time it will take to install a new connection?

After receiving your request, the Nayatel team will reach your location and will check the courage. If you are in courage, then they will start working on it in 7 working days.

Installation Charges for the Nayatel Connection

Nayatel new connection installation charges are Rs.8000 PKR. If you need TV service then Rs.10,000 is needed to get this service at your home, shop, and workplace. Nayatel 100Mbps connection installation charges are Rs.10,000 PKR you can pay in installations.

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