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New Bitcoin Alternative App – Start Mining from Pi Network & Earn Money

The bitcoin idol quickly made its way around the world. And today the price is very high. People are now beginning to regret that they wished they had kept it when he was getting it for free. But we still have another chance to keep the acronym and not force it this time around. Today I am here with all of you with an acronym for Bitcoin that you hardly know.

If you want to keep a currency like a bitcoin that benefits people like a bitcoin. Today I am going to talk about pie technology which has not yet entered the market but it seems that it will spread all over the world faster than bitcoin. And maybe its rate will be higher than bitcoin.

At the moment a lot of people are mining on the pie because it is still available for free but for a few days, it will stop being available for free when the mining is completed. Those who are working on will reap the full benefits in the days to come. Because just as in the beginning bitcoin was worth a few rupees but no one took it and considered it a fraud, in the same way, this digital currency will soon start appearing at your highest rate.

What is Pi Network?

Pie network is a Digital cryptocurrency like bitcoin. People mining this coin on the mobile phone app and collect free Pi coins.

Is Pi free ?

You can mine free Pi coins but after complete the mining project, it will never available for free. You can collect Free Pi coins how much you can do.

What is the currant rate of Pie network?

The Pie network rate is PKR 3.26. Its rate will be fixed in March or May 2021. The company has decided to start Pie value from $5 after complete mining. the conversion value for 1 PI to 0.008098 USD

How to make money from the Pie network?

You don’t need much time to work on Pie Network, all you have to do is download this app and install it on your mobile and create an account. All you have to do is click once every 24 hours. Your free coins will continue to be created.

Create free Pie account

  1. Download and Open Pie network app
  2. Create an account
  3. You can create an account by Google account or Facebook account.
  4. choose username
  5. choose a password for your account
  6. Now, Enter the referral code “Saleembaloch6560
  7. Your account will be created successfully
  8. You can now mine-free pie coins.

Pi network referral code

Use referral Code “Saleembaloch6560” as referral.

It is not legal in Pakistan yet so many people are afraid of this thing. If you also want to make money online, this is an easy way to make millions of rupees. You can commit below for more information.

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