Pakistan New Auto Policy 2022 – Changed for 2026

As indicated by the Auto Policy 2021-2026, the import commitment on electric vehicles will be diminished from 25% to 10% for one year. On Wednesday, the public authority reported another strategy for the advancement of the car and commodity industry (AIDEP 2021-26), which would lessen the business charge on homegrown electric vehicles (EV) by 17% to 1%.

What is the Pakistan New Auto Policy

The motivation behind the approach is to advance little vehicles, restriction, the presentation of new items in farm trucks and bikes, customer insurance and advancement of new innovations, like electric vehicles and crossovers, in trade markets.

In the task distributed by the Engineering Development Council at the Ministry of Industry and New Technology, it is expressed that the individual duty for specific fragments of electric vehicles is set at 1%. Before this govt has dispatched the meri gari plot.

Under this arrangement, complete imports of electric vehicles (CBU) will be diminished from 10% to 25%. In certain pieces of electric vehicles, tricycles and weighty business vehicles, in any case, the impact is restricted to 1 percent. The vehicle strategy additionally permitted the creation of crossbreeds, as the business charge was decreased by 8.5%.

Under the arrangement, taxes for individual extra parts for half and a half and crossbreed vehicles will be connected at 4% and 3% separately. The Council additionally chose to decrease the CBU import levy for crossbreeds (higher than 15 % 1,800 ccs, 0 to 1,800 cc and lower).


Likewise, the arrangement proposition expresses that the import of vehicles won’t be permitted assuming they don’t meet the security prerequisites. The archive states: “Later June 30, 2022, no vehicle that doesn’t agree with WP 29 guidelines has been delivered/imported in the homegrown market.”

  • The import levy for electric vehicles is diminished from 10% to 25%.
  • In the event that the vehicle maker defers the vehicle for over 60 days (2 months), the organization pays 3% KIBOR.
  • Check assuming that there is an assessment exclusion for imported vehicles every year.
  • By 2026, carmakers will set a 10% commodity target.
  • One percent will be paid for cruiser parts.
  • The duty on imports of CBU electric vehicles has been decreased from 25 to 10 percent.
  • Tax breaks on commodities of vehicles and extra parts.
  • The business charge for half breed vehicles ought to be diminished by 8.5%.
  • Administrative commitments for the import of CBU cross breeds will be decreased.
  • At 1800 cc, the expense is diminished by 15% in half breed testing.
  • Limitations on broadly produced/imported vehicles later June 30, 2022 that don’t conform to WP Rule 29.
  • The expense on spare parts for electric vehicles is 1%.

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Written by SaleemBaloch

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