Petrol Prices in Pakistan Increased by Rs. 35 on 29 January 2023

After approval from govt of Pakistan, the Petrol Prices in Pakistan Increased by Rs.35 on 29 January 2023. Fuel prices in Pakistan have gone up by Rs.35+ on January 29, 2023. In a televised address, the finance minister addressed reports of artificial fuel shortages and attributed it to speculation on social media about a potential increase in petrol and diesel prices by Rs.50 to Rs.80 PKR.

29 January 2023 Petrol prices Updates

CommodityExisting pricesNew pricesDifference
Petrol Rs. 214.80Rs. 249.80+35
Diesel Rs. 227.80Rs. 262.80+35
Kerosene oilRs. 171.83Rs. 189.83+18
Light diesel oilRs. 169Rs. 187.00+18

The minister assured the public that there are adequate fuel supplies and that the increase in prices is due to the rise in international oil prices. He also mentioned that the government is taking measures to provide relief to the citizens by controlling inflation and stabilizing the economy.

The public has expressed concerns over the impact of the price hike on their daily expenses and businesses. The government has urged the citizens to exercise patience and cooperation as the situation is temporary and under control.

In conclusion, the fuel price increase in Pakistan has created a stir among the citizens, but the government is taking steps to address the situation and mitigate the effects on the people.