Plastic Chairs Factory Project How to Start & Requirments

The project of producing plastic chairs is one of the most profitable projects, as it is one of the products that are in great demand in the market, and it is one of the projects beneficial to the environment. This project works to recycle plastic and rid the environment of it for the manufacture of chairs.

Plastic chairs factory project:

Plastic chairs have long since become one of the most important requirements for any project or field that is established in society, such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and so on. Therefore, the plastic chairs manufacturing factory project is one of the successful projects that achieve its owner the highest financial return in a short time, but to achieve this must Taking into account some of the conditions through which it can help in achieving success, which is as well as studying all the elements needed by the plastic chairs factory, which are as follows plastic chairs manufacturing stage:

  • Washing and cleaning old plastic materials that are relied upon in manufacturing, using liquid soap to clean them from dust or if they contain fatty materials.
  • Dry the plastic after transferring it from the wash basin to the drying basin.
  • Crushing plastic in a crushing machine into small pieces for ease of use in manufacturing.
  • Putting the plastic after crushing it into the injection machine, which is a furnace that melts plastic to form it.
  • After the molding is completed, the product is inspected and then packaged.
  • The product is in its final form.

 Project location and space

  • This project needs a factory with an area of ​​not less than 130 square meters.
  • It must be in a non-residential area or far from the presence of residents.
  • It is preferable to provide the place with outlets for ventilation to expel steam and heat.

The labor required for the project

  • As for the labor required for the factory for manufacturing plastic chairs, certain conditions must be met when choosing them, which is the experience in using machines, machines and equipment for manufacturing. Experience in this field greatly helps in increasing the volume of production and thus increasing the volume of sales and distribution of the product.
  • It requires the appointment of workers responsible for the distribution and loading of goods and workers specialized in cleaning the factory and so on, and an accountant must be provided for the factory responsible for the accounts and commercial transactions between customers and the profit account and other calculations for the factory.

Project requirements

  • cracking basins.
  • injection machine.
  • Mold set.
  • Molds of various sizes and shapes.
  • Tools for packaging the finished product with the company’s name printed on it.
  • crushing machine.

Product Marketing:

Marketing to sports clubs.Shops and homes.Cafes and restaurants advertisement.Marketing to exhibitions and home appliances stores.

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