Prize Bond National Saving of Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule

Prize Bond List: Full results are available for the public on this website. The result of the prize bond winner numbers can be checked individually or in series by choosing the drawing numbers for each denomination for the current and previous old draw results. You can also review the new and old drawings on the PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phones for all award bond lists. Every prize list up to date, time, and schedule can be checked shortly after voting. Find all prize bonds drawing a list of winning numbers and prize amounts according to the prize bond schedule list here online, including Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.1500, Rs.7500, Rs.15000, Rs.25000 andRs.40.000.

List of Prize Bond In Pakistan

The Prize Bond scheme was established in Pakistan in 1960, to give the general public a chance to save their hard-earned money on such a safe and secure scheme. The prize bonds were initially introduced with the value of Rs. 10 and 100. Due to the popularity of prize bond schemes among the general public, Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance, by introducing prices of other denominations, decided to extend this scheme. This scheme provides the security of non-interest and people like to invest in just this safe scheme.

With a small amount of money, people are looking to securely invest their money and can save money, as well as win the prizes from it. In addition to investing in the amount, the prize bond scheme also includes prize bond draws, which allow winners to win the rewards over the prize bonds. People fear that they will lose their money in private schemes so that they are not interested in such schemes and avoid investing in such schemes. They are concerned that they can invest their sum in such schemes. The award bonds are in various denominations in domestic savings and branches of all commercial banks.

Prize Bond Poor People Scheme

The Prize Bond scheme offers the poor and middle-class people great opportunities, who want to save their money and win awards through the results of Prize Bond. The prize bond denominations may be provided if the persons are interested in the prize bond as prize bonds are provided in Rs. 100 prize bond list, 200, 750 prize bond list, 1500 prize bond list, 7500 prize bond list, 15000 prize bond list, 25000 prize bond list, and 40000 prize bond list denominations. State Bank of Pakistan issues a prize bond list for the entire year 2020, and holders of prize bonds can check when the prize bond draws take place on the day, date, and city. After approximately three months, the SBP announces the award bond draws for each denomination.

CDNS and other branches

The CDNS and other branches of all business banks sell prize bonds. The prize bond of different designations can be purchased from the nearest branch of commercial banks. Once you have received the information on this page, you can get the prize bonds and buy the prize bonds and wait until the results are declared and distributed online. The SBP subsidiary administers the prize bond on the scheduled times and dates and provides online full information on the award bonds draws and has to visit the site for full price bond results updates.

Note that each denomination’s winning amount of price bonds varies from bond to bond. You can check its details and download the application form for the rewards of the prize bond if your prize bond name is announced in the prize bond draw. You must attach a copy of the application form and forward it to the CDNS if the winning amount is less when filling out your application form. If the prize bonds are awarded in huge cash, you must contact any SBP branch throughout the country and submit the application forms to claim your prize bond.

Prize Bond in Pakistan

SBP will also publish that detail on its official website when it announces its prize obligations drawing results and the people will be invited to visit there to learn the full details of the results of the prize bond. They must also check the prize bond schedule list on an annual basis. The government has initiated the prize bond scheme for ordinary people and gives them the opportunity to earn money by winning the prize bond rewards. The trade-in the prize bond may be described in the shortest possible time as the golden opportunity for people to become rich.

The purchase of prize bonds can offer many benefits to people who not only save themselves by investing in the scheme of prize bonds but also win the prizes if they announce their prize bond awards. After every three months, the CDNS declares the prize bond draw for each category, and the prize bonds of the people are included in the prize bond drawings of the various denominations. We now propose that people invest in this safe scheme and try their luck by competing in the prize bond draws. You can receive full updates online of your price bond result, which is shared with people’s interests.


If you are determined to purchase the prize obligations and compete in this prize bond draw, all denominations, their values, their awards, their pick-up points, and the aim of the scheme should be given full information that can help you make the purchasing decision. You can access the SBP’s Website online, to get details about prize bonds, schedules, lucky draws, and prize bond award-winning list. The list and dates of the draw are available online.

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