Salaam Estate and Builders are a rising real-estate company. We aim to be one of the best Construction companies in Karachi. Salaam Estate and Builders aim to provide citizens with the best atmosphere for their living. We must give our customers a luxurious and calming area to live in. Hence, Salaam Estate and Builders go beyond just delivering the ordinary. We always keep our dreams and ambitions high so that we can reach the unexpected. Moreover, Salaam Estate and Builders not only construct residential villas and buildings but, also commercial properties. Click here to check Latest Bahria Town Karachi Prices.

We have conquered numerous things such as the making of our UBN Trade Tower and many more. We take immense pride in what we do and how we are working. We are now working on a much larger scale and we keep increasing our worth day by day. Salaam Estate and Builders have the best commitment when it comes to dealing with customers. We are always on time when it comes to our projects. Moreover, the best thing about us is that we promote transparency. We give customers the best opportunity to settle in their ideal environment.

Villa handover in Precinct 15 

Through a good source of communication, we will be able to understand the needs and wants of the customer. This will allow us to put that forth. Hence, we wanted to know about our communication skills which are what we asked our client, Asfand. He happily replied saying that the communication skills that we possess are amazing and he would rate it 9 out of 10. He claimed to say that he was quite happy with the services and he could easily spot the professionalism as well as the determinism within us.

Moreover, we also know that there is a huge gap when it comes to imagining your ideal home and constructing it. Therefore, we asked Asfand if he achieved his dream home by working with us. To this, he replied that his home is beyond his expectations and that he was not looking forward to it being this gorgeous. He happily said that he never thought of his home to be this majestic.

Our Happy Customer Review 

One of our most awaited villa handover ceremonies was with Dr. Salma and Mr. Saleem. We asked them about how their overall experience was with us and Dr. Salma humbly replied saying that we met their expectations brilliantly and it was a wonderful experience. We then further asked them to rate us on a scale of 1-10 and they replied saying that the whole experience was great and she would give 8. Dr. Salma further claimed to say that they saw about the development in Bharia Town through YouTube and took the chance to construct our own home here.

Furthermore, they added that they would 100% recommend working with us to everyone based on their experience. She further added that the entire team is honest and the communication skills are great. She said that she was informed about everything that went on during the construction of the villa and she was up to date about every minor detail as well. Moreover, she was pleased that everything was greatly handled by the company itself because they have no relatives in Bahria Town Karachi. Hence, they were relaxed and they have faith.

Our Ambition 

One main element about us is that we are a fast-growing team. Hence, we are making a ton of development in numerous precincts in Bahria Town Karachi. No matter where you go, you will be able to see a ton of development in all the different precincts. We ensure that everyone knows about their project and regarding all the other things that we are doing. We always set high scores for our customers so that they gain our trust and count us as the best real estate company.

We aim to provide our customers with:

  • Fast development
  • Efficient communication skills
  • Timeline
  • Transparency
  • Continuous updates

Moreover, because we have immense development in numerous precincts, we ensure that all of our customers are getting informed about the plots and the construction going on. We do this through timelines. Salaam Estate and Builders are always on time and notify customers through our website as well as social media accounts regarding the projects. We not only offer minimal-sized homes but extravagance as well.

The non-stop Growing Development 

Due to our growing sensation, we have successfully handed off numerous villas to our customers. We are also proud to say that most of our customers are from overseas. Hence, we are widespread and Salaam Estate and Builders is a reliable source. As there is an immense ongoing development in precinct 15, we handed over a special villa to one of our clients. Handing villas to customers is a very proud moment for us as well as the client.

That is because our journey with our customers has always been the best. Salaam Estate and Builders always focus on communication when it comes to dealing with customers. Therefore, no matter what it is, we have been always on the spot when it comes to telling our customers about the ongoing procedure of their projects as well as the general villa construction.

The Grey Villa Handover 

Mr. Mujeeb was one of our first customers to get in touch with our villas. It was a pleasing journey with him and we wanted to know and get feedback from him regarding our services. The first question we asked him was why he chose to select us out of a thousand other companies. He responded by saying that the commitment that we assured him was one of a kind.

He also further claimed that when he entered into the real estate market, most of the reference that was given was Salaam Estate and Builders. Our client also added that his journey with us went marvelously without any mishaps. Moreover, he also claimed that the staff of Salaam Estate and Builders was the best. They solved all of his problems within a flash and left nothing behind.

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