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Significance Of Emotional Intelligence For Personal Growth

Significance Of Emotional Intelligence For Personal Growth

A lack of emotional intelligence (EI) results in broken relationships, lack of inner peace, poor personal growth, reduced working capacity, and reduced mental and physical health. 

The above problems occur because EI helps with effective conflict resolution and its lack brings stress and tension which damages personal health on all levels. Eventually, it starts affecting the quality of one’s relationships. With everything going downhill in life, no one can focus on their personal growth. Hence, improving personal growth is critical for optimal functioning. 

EI enables an individual to pick up emotional cues in oneself, and others. It is also about connecting with others on an emotional level so the ability to empathize with others is also included. It has many benefits, one of which is the motivation for personal growth so one can easily participate in any self development courses for improving skills online like anger management classes, EI courses, or an online meditation course. 

EI Improves Conflict Resolution Skills

We know that EI is about emotional awareness and this kind of awareness helps in solving problems effectively. For example, a newly wedded couple starts fighting about their work-related issues. If the man is emotionally intelligent, he will realize his mistake and stay silent to give his wife the space to express herself. When she finishes, he can respond empathically by validating her experience, feelings, and concerns. It is a pragmatic approach for conflict resolution in a relationship.

On the other hand, if both of them started fighting and yelling, the situation would have escalated in no time. Then the result would be hurt feelings, weak relationships, and the use of extremely poor communication patterns such as criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling. 

EI Helps With Personal Growth

As EI is about the emotional insight that is part of self-awareness. We know that self-awareness is about knowing one’s goals, motivation, values, principles, and feelings. Emotional awareness points to one’s needs e.g. sadness signals a need for healing whereas the experience of joy shows satisfaction. Furthermore, love points to a need for meaningful connections and satisfactory relationships. So, an increase in EI results in an increase in personal growth. 

EI Enhances the Professionalism of a Person

The skill of EI boosts the leadership quality of an individual. When a leader uses EI while interacting with his team members, he upgrades his positive influence with them. It results in high motivation, an improved mindset, and increased productivity. 

Any EI leader is appreciated by everyone because of their positive energy, communication skills, professionalism, and sense of responsibility. When they listen, they pay full attention to the speaker so the speaker feels comfortable and opens oneself to a new perspective. In this way, a leader has the ability to positively impact the team members. 

How does EI Promote Health on Physical and Mental Levels?

Keeping in view the above benefits of EI and its significance in life, it becomes clear that it has a positive impact on mental and physical health. When problems are solved effectively, and messages are conveyed properly, it becomes obvious that things are going well for the individual. So, a sense of satisfaction prevails in the mind and body. This boosts the healing function in the mind and the body and diseases do not attack the mind and the body as much. In cases where diseases attack, the individual heals within a few days. 

Additionally, individuals with high EI can manage their stress and anxiety properly. If they feel a lack of skill in themselves, they do not hesitate to learn new stuff like online meditation solutions.

Some Additional Information

Some signs of high EI include enhanced 

  • Curiosity, 
  • Level Of Awareness, 
  • Emotional Stability, 
  • Open-mindedness to work with diverse people
  • Humbleness 

Some indications of low EI include lack of

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy towards others
  • Responsibility 
  • Motivation for anything 
  • Deep social relationships

Some factors that can contribute to a low EI include ineffective parenting styles such as authoritarian, uninvolved, and permissive. Additionally, a trauma in childhood, issues in mental health, and inability to feel emotions. 

A Take-Home Message

All in all, the significance of EI for personal growth cannot be doubted. The benefits include empathy for others, sustained inner peace, enhanced productivity, mental and physical health. Furthermore, it enhances the capacity for new learning so an individual high in EI tries improving skills online through self-development courses like an anger management course, online meditation class, or any other course. 

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