SNC Training Schedule through CNIC: The Government of Pakistan has started SNC (Single National Curriculum) training for all government and private school teachers. This will allow all teachers to train their students online. The government has set up 18 batches from, in which teachers will be trained for three days. For the training, teachers from all public and private schools can check their batches through their ID cards.

QAED has announced a full batch side schedule for SNC training. The government decided to train all the teachers so that they could give their lectures to the students without any problem or hassle. SNC has given all students an equal opportunity to pursue higher education online without any hassle.

How to Check the SNC Training schedule

You can check training times online through CNIC. All such teachers who have completed the training, whether public or private, can check their schedule by visiting the online website and typing in their CNIC. All training is available on the website provided by the Government of Pakistan.

To Check the SNC Training schedule

  1. To Check the schedule you need to visit the SNC website
  2. Govt & Private teachers can check schedule by log in to their accounts and clicking on the notifications icon
  3. You can search the training schedule and the batch number by enetring your CNIC number.

Training through Microsoft Team / Learning Management System (LMS) has started from July 14, . Currently, 7,024 primary school teachers have logged on to MS Team software. Teachers will soon be able to get MS team links on their given mobile numbers.

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