Telenor is the 3rd largest mobile network in Pakistan, which has more than 17 million 4g users. Most people use this network for Easypaisa’s mobile accounts. Telenor has many internet offers that are available daily, weekly, 3 days, 45 days, 30 days, and hourly. These packages are available at different types of prices for prepaid and postpaid customers.

I will show you here only prepaid Data sim packages of Telenor 4G. This network is available in 7+ countries like Asia, Norway, and Fornebu. Telenor is offering a Din Bhar offer for their prepaid customers that provides 1200 MB internet for 1 day. This package is useable from 6 AM morning to 6 PM evening. The package price is Rs.23 PKR and subscribers of Telenor and Djuice can activate this by dialing *345*139#.

Telenor 4G Prepaid Internet Packages

Telenor 4G packages are available at the lowest price of Rs.10 hourly. These days, social networks are the most famous and most used in our life. So, we always need its packages on every network. Telenor is also providing a daily social package that provides 50 MB for 1 day. In this bundle, all 4G Telenor users can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This package is also available from 6 AM to 6 PM daily. Dial *311# for the offer subscription.

Daily Internet Package

If you require internet for small use like you need to search something on the website and Google then you can activate it, The cheapest internet of Telenor is Lite bundle that provides 50 MB internet for 1 day. You can use this internet for 1 day till midnight of the offer subscription. Dial *12# for the subscription of the Telenor Lite internet package.

DIN Offer is providing 700 MB of the internet for the 1 day, which is available on the Telenor app. Dial *10# to activate the 700 MB internet package for 1 AM to 7 PM daily in Rs.12 PKR including tax. In Pakistan, most people use the internet on Friday because it is a holiday.

Telenor daily internet offer provides free unlimited internet to use the TikTok app. Telenor has launched a new offer for its prepaid customers that is providing unlimited internet to use Snapchat and TikTok. Customers can activate this package from the Telenor app. To check the remaining internet balance dial *999#. 

Gift on Telenor 4G

This network also provides daily gifts through the Telenor app. You have a need to claim a daily internet reward that can be a little 20 MB to 1000 MB of data. These MB can be used all over the day till midnight. To get this service, customers have to need to activate their Telenor app account by installing it on their smartphone. There are not any charges to use Telenor app on the balance.

Weekly Internet Package

Weekly internet packages are available from Rs.40 PKR to Rs.200 PKR. Customers have to need to choose packages that meet their requirements. Those customers who want to watch movies, videos, and other content from the internet can get 50 GB of internet. This package is available at the lowest price of Rs.50 PKR and customers can use this package all over the night. This package is useable from 1 AM to 9 AM.

Telenor 4G weekly ultra package is providing 8 GB of internet, in which customers can use 1 GB of data for the Goonj app. This package price is Rs.180 PKR per week and customers can get this offer by dialing *336#.

Weekly 6 to 6 offers provides 4000 MB in Rs.50 including tax. This package is valid for only prepaid customers can you can activate it by dialing *345*71#. To check the remaining internet dial *999#. Customers also can get full details of any package by dialing *123#.

OfferPriceData volumeSubscription
4G weekly UltraRs. 175 PKR7 GB+1 GB Goonj appdial *336#
Late NightRs.5050 GB*19#
Dhamal InternetRs.852000 MBDial *812#
6 to 6 OffersRs.504000 MBDial *993#

Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor 4G ultra monthly offer provides 20 GB internet for 30 days. In this package, customers can use 10 GB of internet for 24 hours every day and 10 GB of the internet from 12 AM to 8 AM. 4G monthly ultra package price is Rs.450 PKR. Dial *335# to activate the package.

Telenor 4G monthly 10 GB internet can buy in Rs.896 PKR per month. The 4G monthly plus internet package is providing 10 GB internet for 30 days. This package is valid for all prepaid users. Customers also can use this package on data SIMs. Dial *345*136# to activate this package.

New SIM Offer By Telenor 

Those customers who have bought a new SIM of Telenor or converted their other network SIM to Telenor have avail free monthly unlimited voice calls and internet. All those customers who have bought a new SIM card can get 8000 MB of the internet for 30 days without any charges. To get 8 GB internet, dial *954# or install the Telenor app. After creating and installing the app, customers will get extra bonus of more than 8 GB+ data. This data can be used to watch movies, browse the internet, or you can also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn apps. 

Telenor is working hard to provide good courage and facility to its customers. So, Telenor always changes the internet packages and their prices every month. We will try to keep updating this post every month. If you are looking for such type of internet package that is not added here, you can comment to us. We will add this package after getting the full information. After activating the internet package, Telenor customers don’t know that how to check the Telenor internet package.

Dial *999# or use the Telenor app to check the Telenor internet package. 0.20 paisa will be charged when customers will dial *999#. For more information about Telenor internet packages deactivation, customers can dial *345# or select the packages’ menu. From this menu, customers can unsubscribe or subscribe to internet packages.

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