Telenor Free Internet | Telenor Free Internet Codes and new Methods

Telenor free Internet

Telenor is a Pakistani Mobile Communication Network which was launched in Pakistan in 2004. You can use Telenor Free Internet with some easy steps. Telenor is a 1st 4G Mobile Network that Provides Many Free Internet Tricks.

What is Telenor Free Internet:

Telenor Call Packages and Telenor Internet Packages are Very Cheap Everone want to use there Network but due to Low Signals This Network, This Network has low courage.
But today we are Going to tell you about Telenor Free Internet.
There are many tricks and many Free Softwares where you can use the free internet, We will share here only those free Internet Tricks which are working 100% Real.

How to Use Free Internet on Telenor?

Telenor Gives us some free packages such as many times Telenor Introduces Free Whatsapp and Some time It Makes free Internet or free DATA.
When Free Internet Tricks, Codes or any free packages introduced we will share here.
Follow me blow all steps to make and use free internet.

Telenor Free Internet Codes:

Here is a new trick where you can get free internet. Dial *2000# From your Telenor Sim and You will get Free 2000 MBS for 3 Days.
The package is free there are Not any Hidden Charges.
Telenor Free
internet code
2000 MBS
3 Days

Telenor Free Facebook Code

As you all now that Telenor is Providing to their customers free Facebook.
you can get free  2000 Mbs for Whatsapp. This offer is free without any Charges.
There are two types of the package where you can get free MBS for Whatsapp and Both are free.
Telenor Free
Whatsapp code
2000 MBS
30 Days
5 GB
30 Days

Telenor Free 25 GB Internet

Here is the Best Idea for You where from you can get free up to 10 GB Internet.
In Feb 2020 I bought a new Telenor Sim and I get 25 GB Free Internet on my New Telenor Sim.
What do I do?
I Download the MY Telenor App and after Registration, on My Telenor App, I Get 15 GB Free Internet 10 Gb Internet and 5 GB Free TV Channels for Live Streaming.
After this when I do a load of 50 Rupees I get 5000MBS on My Telenor Sim.
If you want to get free internet the same me then follow me blow given steps.
  • Convert you Any sim to Telenor.
  • You will Get Free 5000 Mbs.
  • Download My Telenor App and make an account.
  • After Registration You will receive 10 GB Free Internet.
  • 5 GB Free Tv Data.
  • Do a load up to 50 Rupees
  • You will receive 5GB Free Internet.
Download MY Telenor App

My Telenor App Free Internet

Download My Telenor app and Get Daily Free Reward as Jazz Is Giving to there customers daily free internet from JAzzworld.
Just Download My Telenor App and claim your daily Reward as shown in Picture.
You can Get Daily Mbs as shown in Picture.
  • 1st day 20 Mbs
  • 2nd Day 30 Mbs
  • 3rd Day 40 Mbs
  • 4th day 50 Mbs
  • 5th Day 60 Mbs
  • 6th Day 70 Mbs
  • 7th Day 100 Mbs
Day 1
20 Mbs
Day 02
30 Mbs
Day 03
40 Mbs
Day 04
50 Mbs
Day 05
60 Mbs
Day 06
70 Mbs
Day 07
100 Mbs

Telenor Test Your Skills and Get Free Mbs.

You can get Free Mbs from other Simple Method.

There is an Other way where you can get unlimited Free Internet.
  • Open My Telenor App.
  • Click on Test Your Skills and Earn Free Mbs or Mobile Data
  • Give the Answers of giving Question.
  • Get daily Free Reward.
These were some settings that you can use after doing complete settings.
You will use Free internet on Telenor. I hope these all settings will work for you If there is any problem related to this Topic you can Comment Below.

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