Top Most Famous Markets in Multan, Pakistan for Shopping


Multan is a very old city in Pakistan which is very famous because of its tombs. Even today, there are buildings made hundreds of years ago, ancient streets, neighbourhoods, and wooden buildings. People from all over the world come to visit this city. The most famous fort in the city is Shah Shams tomb which is several hundred years old and is still in perfect condition. Thousands and millions of people come to this court every day and pray for themselves and their loved ones.

Best Shopping Places & markets in Multan

It is located in front of Ghantagar in Multan city. If we enter this Darbar, we can easily see the building in Multan and the remote areas because this is the highest place in Multan.

If you come to Pakistan, Multan for sightseeing and to see the oldest buildings and monuments then you should have some useful information about here. I will tell you about the markets here where you can shop, buy mobiles, computers, etc.

Famous Market Hussian Agahi Multan

Currently, the largest bazaar in Multan is Hussain Agahi, a well-known place in the city of Multan. Here you can find all kinds of things. If you want cheap clothes, you can buy them from this market. The bazaar starts near Shah Shams Fort and is spread over 5 km. From here you can buy clothes, shoes, sheets for your home or room, decorative items, electronics and all kinds of items.

From Hussain Agahi, the big shopkeeper consciously buys cheap and wholesale items and sells them in their shops. If you want a cheap market in Multan, you must come to Hussain Aghahi. This market goes from Kachehri Chowk to Chongi No. 14 from Ghantaghar.

First, you find the electronics market where you can find TVs, dishes, ovens, washing and drying machines, heaters, coolers, ACs, and all kinds of electronic devices.

On the other hand, when you go a little further to the 14th side of the square, you begin to see the clothing market. You can also get cheap clothes from this market which we call Linda Bazaar. From here you can find old and branded clothes that are imported from abroad.

You can also buy your own clothes, curtains for your room, bed sheets, carpets, etc. from this market. One of the advantages of this market is that you do not have to go far to buy different items. You can buy everything from this market. There are always crowds of people here so there is often a traffic problem here.

Going a little further, you begin to see the market for motorcycles, car accessories, and their parts. From this market, you can find engine equipment for your bike, its body, motorcycle repair, and all kinds of equipment. This market is very popular all over Multan. If you have to paint your own bike, you will not find such a fast and good market in Multan.

Multan is also called the land of saints because there are thousands of courts here. If you walk into any corner of Multan, you will definitely see a court somewhere. People come to the courts to ask for prayers.

2. Mumtazabad Market

In this market, you will find most children’s toys, clothes, shoes, and ladies’ necessities. If we look around, it is located between Gunthaghar, BC Chowk, Vehari Chowk, and Chowk Shah Abbas. It is a small market where you can see shopping malls as well as gift centres, banks, colleges, and parks. The market is located at a distance of 6 km from Multan Cantt, 11 km from Ghantaghar, and only 4 km from Chowk Shah Abbas.

If you want to come to this place from the area of ​​Chowk Kamharawala, you will have to travel about 10 to 12 kilometres. The market is located on a roadside and Faisal Mukhtiar Park is very close to it. The park is very crowded in the evening. People come here with their families and enjoy the park. Swings have also been arranged for the children at this place.

In the evening, there is a queue of food items in Mumtazabad. You can come here for dinner with your family and friends. If you go to the 14th square side of this market, you will also see a roundabout. There are clothes and shoe shops in this square. There is a good parking system and you can come to this place with your family for shopping.

3. Multan Cantt Market

It is the oldest bazaar in the history of Multan. There are still hundreds of years old shops and buildings here. There are more than 500 shops and plazas in Multan Cantt. People come here from far and wide to shop. The area is surrounded by troops, so there is a lot of legal surveillance.

On every street you enter here, you will see crowds. In addition to the commercial space, there are also people’s houses where people live. Mostly educated and rich people live. It’s a great place to shop, but you can find expensive items here.

There is an airport nearby due to which strict security arrangements have been made here. There are large shopping malls where you can come and shop with your family. A flyover from Multan Cantt leads to Double Phatak where you can do all kinds of shopping.

This place has all the institutions like banks, travel agents, mobile markets, SIM offices, and also other big companies. Pakistan’s official TV channel PTV is also present in Multan Cantt. You won’t find any parks here, you can only see businesses here. Nearby is Nishtar Government Hospital, the largest hospital in Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan come here for treatment as it is the largest and most developed hospital in Pakistan.

4. Double Phatak (Kumhar Mandi)

This is a square where people have a very large businesses. You can shop for clothes, shoes, fruits, vegetables, and more. This is a small place under the flyover. It has one road Nag Shah Chowk, Vehari Chowk to the east, Shah Abbas Chowk, Mumtazabad and BC Chowk, and Multan Cantt to the west.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. In addition to this, there are many other popular markets and places in Multan where you can do all kinds of shopping. Currently, the most beautiful place in Multan is Gulgasht Colony where there are shopping malls, banks, government institutions, and universities.

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Written by SaleemBaloch


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