Are you tired of running out of data every month? Ufone has introduced the solution with its new Weekly Heavy Internet Package. For only 250 Rupees, Ufone users can now enjoy 16GB of data with the fastest internet speed ever experienced.

Weekly Heavy Internet Package

Package Details
Offer TitleWeekly Heavy
8GB timing24 hours
8GB timing1 AM to 9 AM
Validity7 Days
PriceRs 250
Check Code*706#

In today’s digital age, access to the internet has become a basic necessity for smartphones. All telecom networks aim to provide better internet packages to attract their subscribers. A few years ago, Ufone launched the same “heavy bundle” for 3G SIM users.

However, with Pakistan now having 4G (LTE) coverage, almost all networks provide 4G coverage even in the backward areas of the country. Hence, Ufone has launched a special Weekly Heavy Internet Package for both 3G/4G users.

How to Activate?

The “Ufone Weekly Heavy” data bundle can be activated to receive 16GB (16000 MBs) for the entire week. The activation code of the “Weekly Heavy Internet Package” by Ufone is *270#, and the remaining details are given below.

16GB Heavy Offer Details

Here are the complete details of this bundle, including sub, check, and unsubscribe details. Note that the “heavy bundle” is for prepaid customers only.

  • Offer Title: Weekly Heavy
  • Data: 16GB
  • 8GB Timing: 24 hours
  • 8GB Timing: 1 AM to 9 AM
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs 250
  • SUB-Code: *270#
  • Check Code: *706#
  • 16GB for 7 Days

Such large incentives in one internet package come after many decades. It’s a lucky year to get such a fabulous internet package supporting both 3G/4G LTE SIM cards. You can use 16000 MBs with continuous timing. Here, the network has set the timing for half incentive to work from 1 AM to 9 AM.

The old version of this bundle was launched with 3G internet coverage. But the technology has made the speed faster, and the network updates this bundle according to 4G coverage. Now, MBs of this package are available for both types of 3G/4G devices. Latest Ufone Internet Plus is present here.


In conclusion, we highly recommend you to subscribe to this bundle to use social media apps and watch live TV at low rates. The MBs check code has been given above, but you can use “My Ufone App” for free to get more information.


What is the cost of the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package?

The cost of the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package is Rs 250.

How much data is included in the Weekly Heavy Internet Package?

The Weekly Heavy Internet Package includes 16GB of data.

Can both 3G and 4G users avail of the Weekly Heavy Internet Package?

Yes, both 3G and 4G users can avail of the Weekly Heavy Internet Package.

What is the validity of the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package?

The validity of the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package is 7 days.

Is the Weekly Heavy Internet Package available for postpaid customers?

No, the Weekly Heavy Internet Package is only available for prepaid customers.

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