People usually develop a special kind of connection with their vehicles. You must have seen someone saying that he loves his car and can’t go without it. For some people, this love lasts for only one or two years while others may not give up on their vehicle even after fifteen to twenty years.

There can be many times when you might ponder over putting your used car for sale in Pakistan. If you, too, are struggling about whether you should sell your car or not, don’t worry, we are here to make your decision easier. In this article, we will have a look at suitable times to put your cars for sale in Pakistan.

When it is still in good condition

If you are waiting for your car to break down completely before selling it, you should stop thinking as such right now! Because tell me what is the use of selling a used car when it is in the poorest condition? It would be of no use for anyone. Even if someone agrees to buy your rotten old car, you will only get a dime for it. 

So, if you guys are planning to put your cars for sale in Pakistan, you should do it when your vehicle is still in good condition. If it requires any major mechanical or cosmetic changes, you will find yourself at a huge loss. Remember that a vehicle loses its value with time as it starts to age. 

Another important thing to mention here is the vehicle’s mileage. As soon as the mileage of your used car crosses the 70,000 miles mark, the value starts depreciating. This is the point when the warranties of most vehicles usually expire. After this period, your vehicle will need to go to a workshop frequently for fixes and repairs. 

Just try to sell your vehicle when the mileage is still in the six figures. Although your car may be still in good condition, some buyers will pay heed to the mileage only and try to get a car that has less mileage. Then, after all, it all depends on what kind of buyer you will find. So, just try to keep your earning chances high by selling your used car when it is still in good condition. 

When it’s no longer fulfilling your needs

An emotional attachment to a vehicle you have used for some years is unavoidable. But you can’t hold on to something if your needs are not being fulfilled, can you? Suppose you bought a Suzuki Mehran when you were a bachelor. After ten years, your family grew and can’t fit in that small vehicle anymore. 

Will you still stick to the vehicle or will you try to sell it out and buy a bigger vehicle instead? Of course, you’ll do the latter as it is the wiser choice. Or you may need a vehicle with a larger trunk to accommodate more stuff. In any case like this, sell your vehicle and use the money to buy one that fulfills your needs. 

When it’s being costly to maintain

Are you tired of your old vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road? This can be really disturbing especially if you need to reach someplace on time. Does your vehicle need to go to the workshop very often? If yes, then it’s probably time to think about selling it and buying a new one. 

Old vehicles are just like old people. An old person needs to visit the doctor frequently. In the case of old vehicles, the mechanics are the vehicle’s doctors! And they charge a lot! You may have to spend a lot of money on some major repairs like engines, brakes, tires, etc. An old car that requires a lot of maintenance will only put you at loss. So, sell it and save your money.

When there are better launches in the market

Another reason you should consider selling your old vehicle is that there is a better model out there on the market. Who doesn’t like changes? And especially the better changes! The new vehicles that are launched in the market come with better features and specifications. You can find a car with good handling, better tires, larger space, and a stronger engine.

Your old car may not have as advanced safety features as the new models have. So, it is better to level up your vehicle game by getting rid of old junk and buying new shiny vehicles. Of course, you have to let one thing go to achieve something better. So don’t think a lot because when you’ll have a new car standing in your garage you’ll forget your old car. 

When you are not using it

Many people who live in populous cities in Pakistan avoid driving their cars to work. This is because they get stuck in traffic and their precious time is wasted. Many of us just don’t feel like driving a car. It feels like an unnecessary task to take your vehicle out of the garage, clean it, put gas in it just to end up stuck in traffic. 

In this case, if your vehicle is not being used and you haven’t driven it in a long time, then it is better to sell it. An idle vehicle can get damaged over time. So, it is better to put it on sale rather than letting it rot. 

If you are under debt

This can be a rare case. But why should we skip it huh? It may be possible that you may find yourself under some debt and you have no idea how to get it off your shoulders. Your old car can come in handy at this time. You can always sell the car and get the money you need to pay off your debt. 

The Bottom Line

Many people put their cars for sale in Pakistan when they no longer need them. There are many better vehicles awaiting you in the market. So, make your decision now and sell your used vehicle. 

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