Is your internet not working on your prepaid or postpaid SIM cards? If yes then you came to the right place. I am providing you with the best method to solve the internet connectivity issue while having any internet package on your SIMs. This post is just for Pakistani telecom networks Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor.

There are several reasons why the internet is not working on your mobile phones. The first and most common reason is that many mobile phones that do not support auto APN settings. So, their Accesspoint settings are not enabled and without these settings, the internet does not work. You have to need to enable its settings and then check your internet. If the problem is not solved then try another step which I am describing below.

4 Steps to Solve the internet connectivity issue in Pakistan

I am providing you with some steps that will help you to turn ON the internet.

1. Check the APN settings of your Mobile Phone

As I told you before, this problem is very common in mobile phones that do not save auto APN settings. All you have to do is set up a separate setting and then activate it so that the internet can run on your mobile phone. If you are from Pakistan, I will give you the settings of your mobile network operator which is very easy to activate.

First of all, go to the mobile phone settings and tap on networks settings. Now, select the SIM and APN (Access point Settings) will appear here. Tap on it and check that APN is activated or not. If there is not any APN available then create a new APN as I tell you. Keep in mind that you can use the same APN settings for all network carriers like Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone. You have need to just change its Name only and then activate them.

Go to the mobile phone settings> Networks> Access Point Name> Create New APN. Use the below-given settings for your network.

Jazz APN Settings

  • Name: Jazz Connect
  • APN: Internet
  • Leave Empty Remaining options

You can also add APN as If you keep its settings APN as ‘internet’ then these are the best settings. Your internet will work fast.

Zong Internet Settings

  • Name: Zong Internet
  • APN: ZongInternet, or Zongwap
  • Leave Empty Remaining options

You can also add APN as ‘internet’. Zong original internet settings APN is ‘Zonginternet’ or ‘Zongwap’. I will suggest you use ‘Zonginternet’ or just ‘Internet’ in the settings. Try both APNs and check the internet speed. Which APN setting works fast keep using it in your internet settings.

Other Networks Settings

  • Name: [Your Network Name]
  • APN: Internet
  • Leave Empty Remaining options

You can use these settings on Telenor, Ufone, and Warid. If you have an issue with your carrier internet setting then it will solve after saving and activation these settings. After installing these settings your internet speed is slow that try to change the APN ‘internet’ to ‘wap’. 90% of devices use ‘internet’ APN as default settings on all carriers.

Be sure to restart your mobile phone after activating all these network settings. Doing so will solve any other problem with your mobile phone. If doing so solves your internet problem, fine, otherwise check out the other methods below.

Check Your Network Signals and Network Type

Many people insert the Internet SIM into another SIM slot in their mobile phone and then try to run the Internet. Many such mobile phones do not support things like Huawei mobiles. The first SIM in these mobiles is 3G and 4G (older models) which makes it difficult to access the internet. When you install a SIM in another slot, it does not control 4G or 3G signals. This way the internet doesn’t work again and we have a lot of problems. Try to put the SIM on which you want to use the internet in the first slot.

Check the Date & Time

The date and time on mobile phones must be correct. The internet doesn’t work without it. If you activate the internet package or use Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, your internet will not work due to incorrect time and date.

To correct this, go to your mobile phone settings and scroll down. You will see the language and time settings. Adjust the time by adjusting it. Now go to your internet browser and check if the internet is running.

Check the GPRS Turn ON or OFF

If you are using the Internet for the first time on your SIM, you may have this problem. There are many users in Pakistan who use very old SIM cards due to which their cards do not support 3G or 4G. You can change your SIM to a 4G SIM, then call the helpline of your network and ask them to turn on the data. Sending GPRS from Jazz SIM to 6009 will turn on your internet. Call 310 on Zong’s SIM and activate your internet. Telenor SIM subscribers should recharge their balance and call their network helpline number 345. Ufone users can call 333 to fix their network problem.

By using these methods, I hope your internet will start work. If you have issues after using these all methods then kindly contact your service provider.

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