In Pakistan’s budget 2024, the salaries of civil servants were increased by 30 to 35 percent. However, no salary hike was announced for private sector employees. It seems that the budget 2024 and 2025 will also see such an increase. No estimate can be made at present.

Possibility of salary increase in private sector

The likelihood of salary increases in the private sector depends on several factors, including:

Company Performance: If a company has performed well during the financial year, it can give salary increment to its employees.

Inflation Rate: An increase in the inflation rate reduces the purchasing power of the employees, due to which they may demand an increase in wages.

Supply and demand in the market: If there is a high demand and a low supply of employees with a particular skill or experience, those employees are more likely to receive a salary increase.

Overall, it can be expected that private sector salary growth will be lower than that of public sector employees in Budget 2024-25. However, some companies and employees may receive higher increases based on their individual circumstances.

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