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Unveiling the Forsage DeFi Crypto Scheme: A $340M Fraud Exposed

Uncover the shocking details of the $340M Forsage DeFi Crypto Scheme—a landmark indictment exposing a Ponzi and pyramid scheme. Learn how the founders utilized smart contracts to deceive investors and the collaborative efforts of law enforcement in this evolving landscape of financial fraud. In a shocking turn of events, the founders of Forsage, a decentralized […]

Health News

5 Ways Technology is Changing Healthcare in Pakistan

Healthcare was always on its way to digitization, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated it decades ahead of time. Internet is such an incredible tool that it has wholly removed the boundaries. Therefore, any advancements that happen in the world affect Pakistan too. Admittedly, the progress in Pakistan is slow. Frequent cases of incompetence and […]


UAE residents can fly to Hong Kong With Free Tickets

Dubai: As part of Hong Kong’s new tourism campaign, UAE residents may be eligible to take advantage of a “one-plus-one-free” scheme for airline tickets. A high-ranking Hong Kong official is encouraging travelers from the United Arab Emirates to take advantage of the program, which comes just weeks after the government of Hong Kong launched its […]


Estimated Salary Increase in Budget 2024

In Pakistan’s budget 2024, the salaries of civil servants were increased by 30 to 35 percent. However, no salary hike was announced for private sector employees. It seems that the budget 2024 and 2025 will also see such an increase. No estimate can be made at present. Possibility of salary increase in private sector The […]


Du internet package, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Today I give you all the packages in this post DU gives you a good package. This page will give you all the Du Internet packages You will get the Daily Internet Package Weekly Internet Package and Monthly Internet Package. DU internet packages, daily In this table, you are given all the low-price packages which […]

How to Mobile Phones Pakistan Technology

How to Buy iPhone 15 on Installments in Pakistan With Card

The iPhone 15, the latest marvel from Apple’s iconic smartphone series, has stirred considerable excitement among tech enthusiasts and consumers. In Pakistan, acquiring this cutting-edge device through installment plans is a popular choice for many. Leveraging card-based payment options can make this purchase more accessible and convenient. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to buy […]


Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices in Pakistan

Impact of Budget 2023 on Car Prices, car prices have been slashed, which is now within the reach of the poor. After launching the ‘Meri Gari Scheme‘ in the budget of 2023 the prices of 800cc to 1000cc vehicles are going down by about 10%. There are more than 8 companies whose vehicles are available […]


How to withdraw cryptocurrencies in Pakistan in 2023

Digital forms of money are at present at their blast since December 2017. To cash out right now as they are at their pinnacle. It’s actually basic. Since many individuals in Pakistan were holding Dogecoin when it was selling at pennies only a couple of months sooner. Be that as it may, presently it has […]


How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr in Pakistan

Today we will look at some ways to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan with Payoneer. It does not freeze at all, but it is very simple. To withdraw money, we can use PayPal today, we will use Payoneer to withdraw resources. What are the Available payment methods on Fiverr? In conclusion, I will show […]


How to Send & Receive Money in Easypaisa from Abroad & Local

Easypaisa is a mobile phone digital banking system in Pakistan and people use this network to send and receive money and for other many benefits. Here I will tell you about International payment receiving in the Easypaisa account. Many people who work abroad need to send their salary to their family in their country. Because […]


Zong PUBG Package Monthly Code | Monthly 10GB DATA

Zong has launched a monthly Zong Pubg package for its all customers. Those customers who use the PUBG game for a long time and they need its package activation code can get 10GB for PUBG for 30 days. The users of the PUBG game are many more in Pakistan and there is not any PUBG […]