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5 Ways Technology is Changing Healthcare in Pakistan

Healthcare was always on its way to digitization, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated it decades ahead of time. Internet is such an incredible tool that it has wholly removed the boundaries. Therefore, any advancements that happen in the world affect Pakistan too. Admittedly, the progress in Pakistan is slow. Frequent cases of incompetence and […]


7 Common Causes of Back Pain in Children

Children’s back pain is not the same as adult back pain. A child with a backache is more likely to have a significant underlying disorder than an adult. According to paediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Karachi, more serious causes of back pain must be identified and treated as soon as possible, or they will worsen. Children’s […]


Which Doctor Should You See If You Have Irregular Menstruation?

Perhaps you’re in your mid-to-late twenties, and your cycle abruptly stops behaving like clockwork after more than a decade of regular cycles. What if you aren’t pregnant and aren’t reaching menopause? Period irregularities aren’t always a sign of a problem. We explain how to spot irregular periods, what causes them, and which doctor to see […]


Oral Health in Elderly People – The Helpful Advice

The loss of memory and physical and mental abilities that accompany Alzheimer’s can often lead to neglect of social relationships and personal care. Ahmed Medico is the best medical store in Karachi that makes it easier to get medication and prescription drugs for the elderly from the comfort of your home. Did you know that […]

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Significance Of Emotional Intelligence For Personal Growth

A lack of emotional intelligence (EI) results in broken relationships, lack of inner peace, poor personal growth, reduced working capacity, and reduced mental and physical health.  The above problems occur because EI helps with effective conflict resolution and its lack brings stress and tension which damages personal health on all levels. Eventually, it starts affecting […]


5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Migraines

Headache cerebral pains, otherwise called headaches, are agonizing and leave the patient incapable to do anything. This migraine emerges in one piece of the head and causes the patient to experience insufferable agony. There is no normal treatment for headaches, however, brief help can be gotten by bringing home cures. 5 Best Ways to Get […]


Hair Mask: An effective Remedy for Dry and Frizzy Hairs

Hairs are an essential component of a personality. Moreover, healthy hairs are an indicator of good health. But, unfortunately, sometimes the hair health starts to deteriorate because of the busy and unhealthy lifestyle. This article has all the solutions if you are worried about dry and frizzy hairs and want a permanent solution. But first, […]


what cheese goes best with chicken

Although there are a wide variety of cheeses that go well with chicken, some of the most common options include: 1. Cheddar Cheese Cheddar is a traditional cheese that pairs nicely with a variety of dishes, including chicken. It melts well and has a strong flavour that cuts through the richness of the chicken. 2. […]