Telenor Call Packages & EasyCards for Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor Is a Pakistani 4G Telecommunication Network that provides Call packages, SMS or Internet Services to all Pakistanis. Telenor has 3 Million+ 4G Subscribers in Pakistan and also daily increasing its users because of its good Network signals and very Cheap price 4G Internet Packages. It is mostly known because of its Easypaisa Mobile Bank system and this is the second reason that Telenor users are more much.

Telenor Call Packages, Internet Packages, SMS Packages, or Other Network Packages are very cheap and with More to Extra Bundle. They always try to provide good facilities for their Customers and always introduce new to new or cheap to cheap prices offers. Telenor free call offer is now can be activated in Rs.5 Including tax. Telenor has introduced Telenor First call offer In which all users can make a call in Rs.5 week. To activate this offer users can dial *888# and it is valid for 7 days.

Telenor Hourly Call Offer

Telenor Provides always cheap call packages and the same there are many daily/hourly call packages but “Telenor Djuice Prime Time Offer” is the very best offer for Night. This offer will give you Unlimited Telenor to Telenor Calls for one day and only in Rs. 5 +Tax from 9 PM – 9 AM. to subscribe to this offer dial *345*929#.   Telenor Good Time Offer Give You 10,000 Free Minutes and 200 MBs Free Internet for 1 Day in Just Rs.7 + Tax. To Subscribe to This offer Dial *345*20#. This offer is a Limitation and you cannot use this offer from 6 pm to 9 pm. This offer will expire in the next 2 Hours after Subscribing.  

Telenor Djuice Prime
Time Offer
Rs.5 +TaxUnlimited On-net Calls for
one night from 9 pm-9 am
*345*929#9 AM- 9 PM
Telenor Good Time
Rs.6 +TaxOn-net Minutes for two Hours + 250MB Facebook*345*20#2 Hours

Telenor Daily Call Packages

From “Telenor Din Bhar Offer” you can get 100,000 Free On-Net minutes or 20 Mbs free internet for 1 Day. This offer can be used from 12 AM-7 PM in Rs.8 +Tax. all prepaid customers can subscribe to this offer but Djuice Subscribers cannot use this offer. To Subscribe to this offer Dial *5*727#.  

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Package NamePriceDetailsSubscription
Telenor Mini Budget 100
Minutes Package
Rs.18 +TaxFree 100 On-Net Minutes +
300 SMS All Networks
 —1 Day
Telenor 24 Hours Poora
Pakistan Offer
Rs.16 +TaxFree 75 On-Net Minutes —1 Day
Telenor Full Day PackageRs.13 Inc TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes +
50 MBs + 100 MBs Whatsapp
 *5*250#1 Day
(till 12 Midnight)
Telenor Lagataar Calls
Rs.15.50 +TaxUnlimited On-Net Calls +
60 MBs Free Internet
 —1 Day
Telenor 50 Minutes Mini
Budget Offer
Rs.15 +TaxFree 50 On-Net Minutes, 300
SMS + 4 MBS Internet
 —1 Day
Telenor/Djuice Daily
Three ka Scene offer
Rs.13 +TaxUnlimited On-Net Calls, 200
SMS + 5 Mbs Free Internet
 —1 Day
Telenor Super Load OfferRs.0.80 incl. TaxFree 20 All-Networks Mins *5*100#1 Day
Telenor/Djuice Daily
Karachi Offer
Rs.10 +TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes +
1000 SMS
 —1 Day
Telenor/Djuice 50 Minutes
Rs.10 +TaxFree 50 On-net Minutes +
10 MBs Free Internet
 —1 Day
Telenor Good Time OfferRs.6 +Tax250 MB Facebook +  On-net Unlimited for 2 hours Minutes *345*20#(2 hours after subscription

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Here are many weekly call packages and all one Bundle where you can get free unlimited calls and Free Internet + SMS. Same There is an All-One Offer “Telenor Djuice Weekly all in One Plus Offer” Here you can get Free 150 On-net Minutes, 3500 Free MBs, or Rs.50 Free Balance For 7 Days in Just Rs.160 +Tax.  

Package NamePricePackage
Telenor Easycard 
Weekly Package
Rs.150 +TaxFree 600 On-Net Mins, 40
Free Off-Net Mins, 600 SMS
+ 600 MBs Free Internet
Contact Retailer7 Days
Telenor Haftawar
Sahulat Package
Rs.115 Incl. TaxFree 1000 On-Net Mins, 70
Off-Net Mins, 700 SMS +
100MBS +350 MBs Social Networks
*5*7#7 Days
Telenor 7 Din Mini
Budget Package
Rs.86 +TaxFree On-Net 500 Minutes +
1000 SMS + 50 MBS
*345*247#7 Days
Telenor Djuice SMS
Voice Bundle
Rs.11.85 +TaxFree 12 On-net Mins +
700 SMS
*345*105#7 Days
Telenor 1st Free Call
Rs.0 +TaxUnlimited On-Net Calls*888#7 Days
Telenor Djuice SMS
Minutes Bundle
Rs.11.95 +TaxFree On-Net 12 Mints +
700 SMS
*345*105#7 Days
Telenor Haftawar
Chappar Phar Offer
Rs.90 +TaxFree On-Net 2000 Mins +
70 MBs Free Internet
Use MY Telenor
7 Days
Telenor Djuice Weekly
Internet All in One
Plus Offer
Rs.190 +TaxFree 150 On-Net Mins +
3500 MBs Free Internet
*345*88#7 Days

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

If you have not ON Your Telenor Sim for 30 Days or More then Telenor is giving you Free ON-NET 3000 Minutes or Free 3000 MBS Internet for 30 Days. This offer is valid for all Telenor Customers.  

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Telenor is Providing 500 On-net Minutes and 50 Off-net minutes to its customers in Rs.450 PKR. When a user will subscribe to this offer he/she will receive extra free 500 SMS (all networks) and 500MB free internet.

Telenor EasyCard 600Rs.530 Incl. Tax 6GB+6GB (1am-11am), 3000 Telenor & PTCL minutes, 150 Off-net minutes and 3000 Free SMS*530#30 Days
Telenor Sim Lagao OfferRs.0Free 3000 On-net Minutes + Free
3000 MBs Internet/50 MB per day
SMS”Free” to
30 Days
Telenor Mahana
Rakhwala Package
Rs.418 +TaxFree 3000 On-Net Mins, 3000 SMS
+ 300 Free MBs Internet
*345*30#30 Days
Telenor EasyCard Plus
Rs.800 +TaxFree 3000 On-Net Mins, 150
Off-Net Mins, 3000 SMS + 3000
MBs Free Internet
Contact to
30 Days

Telenor Other Call Packages

Telenor has many Discount offers which you can get easily. From “Telenor 3 Days all in One Offer” you Can Get Free On-Net 150 Minutes, Free 15 Off-Net Minutes, 150 free SMS or 150 free MBs. you can get this offer for 3 Days or in Just Rs.36 +Tax. same there is another package where you can get free Unlimited Calls for three days. All Package are below given.  

Package NamePricePackage
3 Day Sahulat
Rs.52 +Tax250 On-net Mints, 25 OFF-Net Mins
+ 50 MBs Internet +100 MBs FB, Whatsapp or Twitter
*5*3#3 Days
Telenor 3/3 OfferRs.50 +Tax600 On-Net Mins, 300 SMS + 50 MBs*345*243#3 Days
3 Day All in One
Rs.35.85 +Tax150 On-net Mins, 15 Off-Net Mins,
150 SMS & 150 MBs
*345*210#3 Days

Telenor call packages 2021 is now updated and you can get latest offers prices, MBs details and offer all updates.

Telenor Call Packages (Update of 2021)

First of all, we will publish here the Latest Call packages of Telenor 2021. If you are looking for the latest updates then welcome here. Telenor has made many changes in its packages and price plans. So you can get the latest update here and all changes are provided below sections.

Free First Call Offer

In the past and one year ago, This offer was free but now Telenor has made some changes. Now, this offer can be activated in Rs.5 including Tax for 7 days. When a user will make his/her first Telenor call of the day he/she will never need to pay for this call. This is the best ever package of Telenor. You will be charged Rs.5 for one week (7 days) for this offer. You can activate this offer online from here. Offer details are given below.

  • Offer Name: Telenor Free Call
  • Price: Rs.5
  • Details: make an everyday first call for free
  • Activation Code: *888#
  • Validity: 7 Days

Monthly Easy Card 600

Telenor is offering an easy card facility to its customers. Customers who want to avail all the facilities of Telenor can use this easy card for the whole month without any worries. The card offers users 12 GB of internet, of which 6 GB of data can be used from 1 AM to 11 AM. In addition, customers get 3000 Telenor and PTCL minutes which can be used for 30 days. With this special Telenor card, you get 150 minutes for all other networks. Now, if we talk about people who use SMS more, then in this offer, Telenor also provides them 3000 SMS. Users can now use their mobile phone without any worries for the whole month.

  • Offer Name: Monthly Easy Card 600
  • Price: Rs. 530 incl. tax
  • Activation Code: *530#
  • Internet: 6GB+6GB (1am-11am)
  • On-net Minutes: 3000 (Telenor & PTCL)
  • Off-net Minutes: 150
  • SMS: 3000
Offer NamePriceDetailsActivation CodeValidity
Weekly Easy CardRs. 135 incl. tax1500 MBs, 1000 Telenor & PTCL Minutes & 50 Other network minutes*963#7 Days
Monthly Easy Card 450Rs. 450 Incl. Tax1 GB + 2 GB WhatsApp, 500 Telenor & PTCL Minutes & 50 Of-net Minutes + 500 SMS*350#30 Days
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800Rs. 715 Incl. Tax9GB+9GB(1am-11am), 5000 Telenor & PTCL minutes, 300 other network minutes + 5000 SMS*80#30 Days

Telenor 4G monthly easy card provides 18GB data for 30 days which can be used from 1 AM to 11 AM. Without these resources, you will be able to get 5000 On-net & PTCL Minutes + 300 All networks minutes and 5000 SMS for all networks at the cheapest price of Rs.715 per month. If you want to activate this offer simply dial *80#.

All the Package and offers were updated on 05 April 2021. These all Offers are including Taxes and some old offers are without Tax. You can also call Telenor Helpline on number 345 to get more information. If you need more information about these packages you can ask in the comments.

How to check remaining Minutes on Telenor?

To check the remaining MB dial *111#. To check the remaining MB dial *999#. You can also use My Telenor App to check the remaining resources.

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