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    Top 10 TikTok Stars In Pakistan 2021 – TikTok Highest Followers

    top 10 tiktok stars in pakistan 2021

    Here is the list of Top 10 TikTok Stars In Pakistan 2021. we will provide you with the latest Highest followers on TikTok in Pakistan who are ranking / Trending on TikTok in this new year. TikTok is the most used app not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

    In it, people create and upload a video clip of a few seconds from their mobile phones. When fans watch the video, they also like and follow them. In the same way, that person becomes very popular on TikTok.

    Today, I am sharing with you the latest updates of the Top 10 TikTokers of Pakistan 2021. Ranking can be changed by the time but we will try to keep an update of the most followers on TikTok in Pakistan. Getting famous on TikTok and winning the hearts of fans is not an easy task.

    The TikTok stars have to work very hard for this. If there is one TikTok star among the most consulted boys in Pakistan, it is Chaudhry Zulqarnain. He worked very hard to make funny videos and because of his acting people became his fans. Today he is called the king of Pakistani TikTok.

    If we look, the girls did not give up on this work. At present, the most famous and number one TikTok star in Pakistan is Jannat Mirza with 14.6 million fans. She has the most fans in Pakistan while Kanwal Aftab has 12.9 million fans and she is the second star in Pakistan by the count of fans.

    In Pakistan, the first two numbers are girls and the third number is a young Pakistani boy Chaudhry Zulqarnain with a fan base of 12.2 million. If you look at the number of favorite stars, he is second in Pakistan with 629.5 million likes. Chaudry Zulqarnain is the first Top Tiktok star in Pakistan who has got more love from users of the Social app TikTok.

    Top 10 TikTok Stars In Pakistan 2021 by Followers / Fans

    Here is the list of the top 10 TikTok Highest Followers in 2021. You can check the rank by heart and by followers.

    Rank#TikTok StarLikesFollowers
    01Jannat Mirza396.5 Million14.6 Million
    02Kanwal Aftab461.5 Million12.9 Million
    03Ch. Zulqarnain629.5 Million12.2 Million
    04Alishba Anjum320.3 Million11.8 Million
    05Ali Khan (Hyderabadi)808 Million10.9 Million
    06Molvi Usman389.9 Million10.2 Million
    07Nadeem Mubarak427.2 Million9.1 Million
    07Dolly official259.2 Million9.1 Million
    08Areeka Haq248.5 Million8.5 Million
    09Phoolllu342.8 Million8.4 Million
    10Sehar Hayyat220.8 Million7.5 Million

    Areeka Haq and Dolly official has the same fans. if we look at the hearts then Areeka Haq has more hearts/likes than Dolly official. Kanwal Aftab is the second most famous Girl TikTok Star who has got millions of fans and likes. We will try to keep update this post if there will be changes in any ranking. Every Tiktok star is trying to beat each other. TikTok has started an online earning system you can make money by uploading videos, inviting friends, and watching videos.

    List of Top 10 Pakistani famous TikTokers with Their ID

    Here are the mostly famous TikTok Stars profiles which you can follow by clicking on the Profile / ID link.

    TikTok StarTikTok ID
    Jannat Mirza@jannatmirza
    Kanwal Aftab@kanwal.135
    Ch. Zulqarnain@ch.zulqarnain25
    Alishba Anjum@alishbahanjum
    Molvi Usman@usmanasim66
    Ali Khan (Hyderabadi)@ali_khan110
    Nadeem Mubarak@nadeemmubarakofficial
    Areeka Haq@areeka__haq
    Dolly official@dollyofficiall
    Sehar Hayyat@Sehar_hayyat

    This post was last updated on 29 January 2021. We will update this post regularly. If you want to get the latest updates about the famous Tiktok star’s rank then visit here regularly. We will try to keep update you.

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